Friday, December 31, 2010

So long 2010...

Rerun of my words... What happened to 2010?  Time goes so fast for me and I am a really good time management person. Maybe I am doing too much?  Maybe I am measuring my time the wrong way?  Whatever the reason, it doesn't change the fact that today is the last day of 2010...

A wonderful Christmas celebration has been going on here.  Island Girl, Island Boy and Mini-Island boy have all been here as well as Orange Boy, Little Mommy and Mini Orange boy.  We have had so much fun!  I love having them all here.  The Rocket City crew leaves this morning and the Island Family doesn't leave until Sunday so I get them a little longer.

I made so many of my gifts this year.  To sum up, 2 hats, a cowl, 2 pair of fingerless gloves,  a shawlette, and a scarf.  That was the knitting craft.  For the sewing craft, I made 2 quilts, 3 potholders and 2 calendars towels. 

Here is a photo of the Sushi Scarf and Malalucie Slouchy Hat I made for Island Girl.  They were both fun, fast knits.  For the Sushi scarf, I bought the kit from Morehouse Farm and loved it.  While the photo showed 5 Sushi Rolls on each end of the scarf, I only made 3 on each end.  Why?  Because of time!  I finished this the night before I wrapped it.  For the Malalucie Hat, I used the same yarn she used in the pattern, same color, Malabrigo Worsted.  Does Island Girl really need a scarf and hat made from wool?  Why yes, when she travels and it does get chilly on the island occasionally.  I made knit labels for each knitted garment so the recipient would know how to care for it.

For the calendars, I bought 2 fat quarters of Cynthia F's winning design from Spoonflower.  Cynthia F. is the artist who designed my logo for The Yarn Grove.  I love everything she does!  She is truly amazing.  These calendar towels were a hit.  I sewed some lovely Kaffe Fassett fabrics on the back.  Cynthia submitted this calendar design to Spoonflower for their 2011 calendar challenge and she won!  I wasn't surprised.  Just check her out.  She is a true talent and very easy to work with.

I will post more photos in a future post.

Peace. Love. Joy. Laughter ... to each and everyone of you in the New Year.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

An Island Visit...

On Thursday, I leave for a nice visit to see the Island Family.  Mini Island Boy is growing in leaps and bounds and doing great after his preemie birth.  Cannot wait to see him. I will actually celebrate Christmas with the Island Family and Orange boy and family just after Christmas when they all come to see us here in GA!

Lots of knitting and sewing projects going on and while some have wrapped up, others are still on the needles.  Cannot show them just yet but will post after opening.  One is a new project from Morehouse Farms yarns that was sent in their most recent newsletter.  I had to knit it and received it yesterday.  It is so new that is not even posted, that I can find, on their website.  Let's just say, if you like sushi, you will like this.

Today brings lunch with some of my knitting friends and then a trip to Cast On Cottage for their December Open House.  I have a pattern I just bought Malalucie Slouch Hat and will buy a nice skein of Malabrigo to knit it.  Looks like a quick knit and that is what I am about!

News in the shop... Brand new Hiya Hiya 9" Stainless Steel Circulars in 000 and 00 sizes.  You asked for them and Hiya Hiya listened.  Also in, these adorable Yarn Ball Markers.  On The Yarn Grove home page you will find some ideas for small, thoughtful gifts.

So I leave you for now.  Please check the shipping schedule for the next week or so.  I will be basking in some warm weather, or so I thought.  This photo of Mini Island Boy was sent to me yesterday and it is pretty chilly there too!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A little mini mochi and lots of canning...

Here is a Tam I knit in Mini Mochi.  This was a free pattern with purchase of a skein of mini mochi from Only Ewe and Cotton Too.  I actually hope to make it by their shop today.I am on a roll knitting and sewing all kinds of little gifts for my friends and family...

For years I have been canning my own salsa, pickles, applesauce and dilly beans.  So it made sense to me that I could can my over abundance of homemade vegetable soup.  When I was looking up on the internet how long to process the jars for, everywhere I turned it said NO WATER BATH CANNING - PRESSURE CANNING ONLY.  Gee, what to do.  I read and researched and read again.  I decided not to be afraid of a pressure canner/cooker and give it a whirl.  So off I went and found just the canner/cooker for me.  A Presto 1745 weighted canner.  This is one without the gauge and strictly uses weights.  Much cheaper than a gauged dial and from all the reviews I have read, much simpler to use.  They weren't kidding.  I LOVE IT.

So after assembling my veg soup, I canned it.  I put up 4 qts and I am now unstoppable.  Fresh green beans were on sale at the market and I bought 2-1/2 lbs.  I put up 5 pints of those (pressure canned) and enough left for my soup.  Next up... peppers.  I am out of control.  I have checked several books out of my library and gotten great tips and recipes. 

So this week brought a mission for finding Black Mission Figs.  Yep, sounds easy?  Nope.  It wasn't.  I needed 3 lbs and finally found just 3 lbs.  I made Fig Jam on Tuesday night.  Yes, it looks like strawberry jam and tastes a little like it too.  The Black Mission Figs are a deep purple/black when ripe.  This jam has a distinct earthy taste and I like it.  Next time I might try Brown Turkey Figs.  We'll see.  I put up 15 1/4 pts (4 oz jars) and 2 - 1/2pts.  That is a lottttttt of Fig Jam!  Great for gifts.

So that is what I have been up too.  Trying to finish one more quilt (which I am quilting the top myself).

I leave with Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you and yours!  Try canning sometime too.  It is liberating...

Monday, November 08, 2010

Not one but Two Hoots...

Finished! Two Spud & Chloe Hoot Hats for my two grandbabies. Mini Island Boy will be here between Christmas and New Year and he will need a warm hat. Mini Orange Boy will be here around the same time so they will have matching hats! This was a super fun, quick and easy knit, made from Spud and Chloe's Outer Yarn.

I have finished 3 more shawlettes and will get those photo'd and up, hopefully this week. In the meantime, I am expecting some restocks of accessories from KA in the shop this week.

OTN, finishing up a mini mochi Tam... Uses one skein but I am holding my breath ...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's all about fall....

Just a very quick update... I had a great time visiting my family at Island Girl's home.  Their home is so lovely and accommodating.  Makes one never want to leave!  I know I didn't but of course, I had all my kids with me.  Back to reality.

And for Mini Island Boy I knit up a quick Pumpkin Hat, all knit in cotton from Peaches N Creme. And I have been making my annual applesauce.  Stayman Winesap apples from North GA orchard named Panorama.  I put up 23 pints.  Last year I had to make the sauce from Pink Ladys because I was too late for Winesap.  Never again do I plan on making that mistake!  While it was good, the Winesap is the best, in my opinion..

Working on several things for show soon...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Where I'm going, I'll need 'em

Just 2 more days and I'm off to see my mini Island Boy, and the rest of the Island family.  Also mini Orange Boy and his parents will arrive later in the week.  We will all be together and I cannot wait!  Mini Island Boy will be christened on Saturday, October 2nd and I will for sure share photos. 

Along with me will go my mom.  This is the trip that she and I were taking on May 19th to visit Island Girl and attend her baby shower.  But if you recall, Island Girl delivered early so we obviously had canceled that trip.  Mom is excited and I knew I had to make her a sun hat.  We will have a large celebration at Mini Island Boy's home afterwards which will include lots of sun and swim.  So I made her a hat and I honestly couldn't stop making them.  They will be available for anyone who would like one at the par-tay.  Mine is mixed up in there as well. 
As for knitting, I am loving this Summerflies.  This is the same one that I saw on Stephanie Japel's website and knew I had to knit it.  I am actually using the same yarn and colorway, Madelintosh Pashmina in Tern which I ordered from the fabulous ImaginKnits in San Francisco.  My arrived arrived in 2 days.  Yes 2 days!  No photos yet but this will be finished before I return home.  (famous last words).

As for the shop, all orders will not mail until Tuesday, October 5...  Look soon for a huge update in your favorite Hiya Hiya needle sizes and accessories.  I still have a few ChiocoBag Halloween Bags left...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Some threads, some strings

Yesterday I met the lady who does my long-arm quilting and she handed me back 2 quilt tops I had given her a couple of weeks ago.  One is for me and one is a Christmas gift.  Please note that I have to add the binding.  I do not pay her to do that for me - although she would.

I absolutely love making throw quilts.  I make sure they are just big enough to huddle under.  These are within 2 inches of each other - one is 59" and one is 61"  Both are 42" wide.  Just big enough!  I usually let the long-armer choose the pattern she thinks is best for each quilt.  She told me that the quilts talk to her and tell her what design to put on them and let me tell you, she is spot on.  These 2 were way less than $100 for both.  Well worth it.  And the backs are as nice as the fronts!

The Retro Christmas one I actually finished last year but never got it quilted.  It was a kit I got from my LQS (Intown Quilters) .  Love the whole 1950-1960's colors and look.  This one is mine.  The pink one is Hip Baby pattern but I added a panel to make it large enough for my 15 yr old niece who is already 5'10-1/2" tall.  This is a gift for her.  Also, the photos do not show the genuine rich colors of both of these, but you get the picture ; )

Knitting - yes.  My Atlanta Knitting Guild dresses bears and have been doing so since 1980.  We can purchase one ourselves or pick up an undressed bear at guild meeting.  Currently,AKG donates all the bears to a local child advocacy center where the children are allowed to pick one to take home.  I have 2 bears which I am going to dress.  This fella told me he needed a vest and scarf.  Vest is finished and I gave my mom the task of making his scarf so she could be involved as well.   

And because I go see the Island Family in just 2 weeks, where the Orange Boy, mini orange boy and Little Mommy will meet us as well, I decided my 2 little guys needed matching sun hats.  I took an old shirt of Orange Boy's which was always one of my favorites and cut it up for the outside but since this is a reversible pattern, I had to put their favorite team fabrics on the other side.  Mini Orange Boy is of course the Paws and Mini Island Boy is the "U".  These two teams will face off on Oct 2 which just so happens when we will be all together.  A fun time for sure!  More on that trip later.The pattern I bought on Etsy from tie dye Diva Sewing Patterns.  Great one and highly recommend!


So I guess I have been busy! I've now got a sunhat cut out for my mother who will also join me to see the Island Family...

More later...  Hope your weather wherever you are is cooling off... 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's all the same...

Yes, I am still knitting away on the Koigu Linen Stitch Scarf and I must say that I am enjoying it immensely. The pattern makes it look woven. I know, I can't believe I don't have more finished on it but I am working on other crafty things for Christmas gifts that I can not disclose due to possible recipients reading this blog.  So you are currently stuck with looking at my not even 1/2 finished Koigu scarf.  

At Noble knitters on Wednesday, there was one knitter, Nancy, who was modeling her finished one.  Gorgeous.  And Pat, whom I seem to copy a lot, was knitting one in just one colorway.  And it was gorgeous.  So I don't see how you can go wrong with any combination you would choose. 

Tomorrow I leave for a business trip to California and that equates to a 5 hour and 5 minute plane ride that will be dedicated to knitting.  I will accidentally/on purpose put my laptop in my suitcase which will be stored above my head in the overhead container.  Since I have been diligent about changing my MIDDLE seat ALL weekend, I have just been successful.  I am at a window.  I prefer aisle but better than having a person on both sides.  This plane has 2/3/2 seating...  The Yarn Grove will have limited shipping this week but all orders should ship by Thursday, Aug. 26.

So I must finish packing which I have procrastinated enough about.  I leave you with a darling photo of my precious  Mini Island Boy who loves hanging out by the pool... 

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

A Churchmouse and some Koigu...

I am such a copier sometimes.  Or maybe I should just say that I get inspired by other knitters enthusiasm and projects.  Yes, that sounds better!  Last week at Noble Knitters, there were 3 knitters who had started this Churchmouse Koigu Linen Stitch Scarf pattern.  I loved the look of it.  The stitch makes the scarf appear to be woven.  You choose 3 skeins of Koigu KPPPM in 3 different colorways. It magically looks awesome in many different color combinations.

I went to my local LYS, Cast-on-Cottage  this past Monday because I remembered seeing Churchmouse patterns in their shop.   They were sold out of them!  Arggghhhh.  Must be really popular.  So I left empty handed, came home and did a search on the internet and found the pattern for a $5.00 download.  Tuesday I returned to Cast on Cottage to purchase 3 skeins of Koigu.  Last night I cast on for my own linen stitch scarf.  I am very excited about this!

This makes 3 projects I have going on at one time.  Very unusual for me but I honestly couldn't wait to cast this scarf on.  I haven't been this excited about a project in a while...  Anyone else knit this?

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Puppy Snips

The Puppy Snips from Hiya Hiya have arrived and are stocked up in all colors here at The Yarn Grove .  They are so cute, make great gifts and are a for sure knitting bag need!

Weekend is in full swing with lots of knitting going on.  And sewing.  Finishing a quilt and working on a gift project that I will not be able to show...  But trust me, it is divine.

I leave you with an updated photo of my precious mini Island Boy who tops the scales at a hefty 12 pounds, has the longest eyelashes ever and is 10 weeks old...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Felt and Fabric

Felt - I am almost finished with this stocking for Mini Island Boy.  I just need to add some treasures to the treasure chest (bottom right), stitch his name and put the back on it.  Each new member of the family gets one made especially for them.  It is entirely hand stitched and I love to make them.  My kids have their stockings that are 29 and 31 years old now!  Great gifts for babies, newlyweds or just anyone special.

Mini Island Boy is growing nicely.  He is 8 weeks old now and progressing along.  Island Girl is finally better and off all her meds from the pre-eclampsia.  I hope to go back down there in a month!

Mini Orange Boy is great and is almost 18mos old.  I am going to the Rocket City this weekend to spend a couple of days with them and I cannot wait!!!  It's fun being a grandma (Stephen named me @Gaga@).  I just don't like that they both live so far away.

Fabric - I have finished the Spider Web quilt and love the results.  I will send this off to a longarm quilter next week.  The challenge on this quilt was the actual sewing together of the horizontal rows but I finally finished.  I will take a better photo of this as well.

Lots going on in the Shop.  Nature's Palette just arrived and I know it is a lot of your favorite yarn.  Dyed from Nature - lots and lots of great colors are here now. 

Have a great weekend!  I know I will be getting lots of hugs and kisses from one mini Orange boy!
P.s.  Yes, I am still knitting.  Just don't have a lot of progress to show you on my Sean Shawl from Rowan.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A little beret...

When I went to see Island Girl and family, I took my knitting of course.  I finished a mini beret for mini Island Boy but since he is a preemie, it is still too big.  I made it out of Debbie Bliss cotton (I don't remember the exact yarn name) and made it stripes.  The pattern is Woolley Wormhead Baby Rollin' Beret and it is the second one I have knit.  I love Woolley's hats and have purchased several of her patterns.  They are fun knits.

Mini Island Boy is growing nicely.  He weighed in at an amazing 7#12oz last week and that is quite a feat for a little guy who isn't even supposed to be here for another 2 weeks.  Island Girl is progressing nicely from her pre-eclampsia and is almost off all the blood pressure meds.  What a horrible disease.  Island Boy has settled into his role as daddy very proudly.  I came home after 12 days with them.

I am expecting the new Hiya Hiya Large Interchangeable needle sets in the shop most any day.  I also expect them to go very fast but will have more on order..

As for my vegetable garden, it is doing okay.  The tomatoes seem to be suffering from something, the leaves are all curling up.  But the zucchini in my garden is the size of a submarine.  I have never seen such large zucchini in my life.  I blanched and froze some the other day and I guess I will also make some zucchini bread.

That's about it for now.  Also I am happy to report I have finally finished my 2009 family scrapbook as of this afternoon.  So many crafts and not enough hours in my day!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Here is where I've been...

Hudson, my newest grandbaby, aka. Mini Island Boy, entered the world at 33 weeks and 6 days (I have learned that every single day makes a huge difference in the womb) on May 19 at 9:35am. He weighed in at 5.6# and 18-3/4" long. He is in the NIC-U and his mommy is keeping him company at the same hospital. Island Girl has not been released yet due to the pre-eclampsia, and it doesn't look like she will be discharged today either. 

Mommy and baby are progressing well. Mommy and Daddy are glowing... The photo of baby Hudson here is he is attempting his first bottle in the NIC-U!

So originally I was going to be out from last Wed through today, taking my mom with me to see Island Girl and Island Boy and going to their baby shower on the 22nd.  But instead Island Girl was flown to the mainland on the 16th in hopes of prolonging his stay in her womb but she was getting sicker from this pre-eclampsia.

Thank you to all my customers for understanding the wacky shipping schedule I had to change to.  I hope to get all orders out today and tomorrow.  Over the course of the next few weeks, my shipping schedule will vary and I will post on the website.  Please feel free to contact me anytime at:  . 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Itty Bitty needles and knitting

Once again, I want to spotlight Gill from the UK.  Gill buys her Hiya Hiya needles from me for all the doll clothes she knits.  Her knits are amazing. 

In her own words (used with permission)
I knit with 2/28 cashmere lace yarn. I just love to knit and the smaller the better.

 The most important thing to me is to keep it in scale for the doll I am knitting for. I usually do my own designs bit I think the ones I sent through to you are all from Dollswest Designs, a lady called Cynthia from the US. Sometimes it is nice just to sit down with a pattern that someone else has done.

I swear by those needles now that I have found them but confess that I use them like straight pins!

Enjoy the photos! 
Gill uses 24" stainless steel needles in a 000-000, 000-00, 0000, 000, and all the way to the "larger" size of 0.

Thank you my friend, for allowing me to share and your dolls are beautiful as well!                                            

I will be gone from the blogging world until perhaps the end of May.  Going to see Island Girl and Boy and need to finish a couple of projects for Mini Island Boy before he arrives....  I leave next Wednesday.........................

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Glorious Yarns and fabrics weekend...

Little Mommy and I went to Stitches South yesterday. We arrived, bought our tickets and stood in line for a very loooonnng 11 minutes. There was much joy and excitement in the air.

Our plan of action was to move through all the booths, scope out new projects for ourselves and any yarns that may be contenders for our knittings. Little Mommy had a 3-ring binder of a few patterns she wanted to knit.

Last year I bought yarn because I loved it OR I told myself I could always make socks from it. This year was very different for me. I had projects listed, yardage, recommended yarns, etc. I felt very organized and I vowed not to wake up in the morning with buyer's remorse.

After trapsing through the booths ( and there might have been a little squealing too) for a couple of hours, Little Mommy and I circled back around to the concession stand and had a sandwich for lunch at which time we regrouped. We went through our lists, talked about yarns, deals, etc. Off we went again.

I shopped this one booth 3 times - I loved their yarn and prices. It was Unwind Knit from Rhode Island. Nice ladies, and since I was their first customer of the morning, I got 25% off my purchase!! They had posted on Ravelry some morning specials for Saturday.

I came away from Stitches South very satisfied and felt I made good choices. Little Mommy purchased some great Pima Cottons for a shirt for herself and a sweater for Mini Orange- Boy. Below is my haul.

Bottom Left: Tess' yarn - Raw Silk 1800 yards for Summit
Top left: Experiemental Stardust - Dream in Color Candy stripes
Middle Top: Isager Alpaca 2 for Clara Dress
Middle bottom: Schulana Silk , made in Italy, for Ringed Cowl (free pattern w/purchase which is why I bought the yarn)
Top Right: Unisono ( 4 skeins), a delightful 100% Extrafine Merino, made in Germany. This might become Clapotis (In case I am *not* the only one who has never knit this, here's the link.
Bottom Right: Madelinetosh DK in Parchment (4 skeins) and I know this will become something that was on my spreadsheet but I cannot remember at the moment. The yarn fumes are pouring out of my shopping bags currently.

Prior to Saturday's excursion to Stitches South, Little Mommy and I went to Intown quilters where we had a blast looking at all their fabrics. While this is my exclusive go-to quilt shop, LM had not been there to really look around. Since she makes little girl clothes and sells on Etsy (elevendytoo), she was in her glory. We came away with some new fab fabrics! (Fabric line on top is for a throw quilt for my 14 yr old niece for Christmas) Bottom 2 blocks are for the quilt I am working on now... Caught in a Spider web.

What a great weekend. I have so many craftys that I want to do, my head is spinning. First I will finish the Daybreak shawl I have on my needles and for sewing, I will finish my Island Quilt for my room at Island Girl and Boy's home... You may not hear from me for a while... However, check The Yarn Grove for frequent Hiya Hiya needle updates and refills as well as the new rePETe Chico bags and their brand new Bottle Slings. I don't have all of them posted yet but they are here and should all be posted by the end of the week.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stitches South!

I am on the countdown for Stitches South beginning Thursday here in the ATL! If I sound a little excited, it's because I am. My first class is on Thursday, Switching to Continential by Lesley Solomon.

Little Mommy, aka Cheryl, will be coming to town, along with Orange Boy and Mini-Orange boy and I couldn't be happier. Actually I just spent a great weekend in the Rocket City with them this past weekend...

Sorry, no photos and no knitting projects to show, yet. I have my spreadsheet with projects I want to do with yardage requirements, etc. so I am not completely overwhelmed like last year. Once you walk in the convention center, I am overcome with yarn fumes and hit the ground with a huge smile on my face.

If any of you in Blogland are coming to Stitches South, please drop me an email at
janeATtheyarngroveDOTcom and let's try to meet up!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Retail Therapy

I have returned to the Mainland. I had a great visit with my Island Girl and Boy, and in case I forgot to tell you, a mini-Island Boy in the works! Their first baby is due around June and I could not be more excited to have Grandson #2!!

When I returned last weekend, I needed some fabric retail therapy. So off I went to my favorite In-Town Quilters on Sunday which actually happened to be Shop Hop weekend. I picked up a pattern book called Sizzlin' Sixties and I shall embark in the Caught in a Web pattern. When done in these colorways, picked by the ever talented staff at In-Town, it is so cool looking. I usually steer away from triangles, etc. when quilting because frankly I don't enjoy it. But I have been looking at their sample quilt and decided the colors, design would be perfect for my bedroom at Island Girl/Boy's home. My furniture is white wicker there and this will really make the walls pop.

Also on Thursday, before I left, the Sewing Expo was in town for their annual show. I was in desperate need of a new cutting mat since I had accidentally let my mini iron touch it, more than a couple of times. So I was thrilled to see my favorite manufacturer there and purchased a new mat. Not only is it a mat but I bought the mat with turntable as well. Now instead of moving my stacks of fabric around to be cut, I can just spin the turntable! I am so excited to try it out.

In knitting news, a huge order of Hiya Hiya needles are scheduled to arrive today so check back at The Yarn Grove if you have been waiting for your size to come in.

I just finished Saroyan and it will be on the blocking board today. I loved this pattern and it is a free pattern. It was a fun knit. So I sat for a while last night before going to knit group and decided my next shawl project would be Daybreak. I had started this knit once before and couldn't get the hang of the beginning and I found out last night why. I wasn't paying attention. So my dear pal, Pat, sat so patiently with me and helped. So off I go. Thanks Pat!!

And I leave you today with a photo of mini-orange boy learning to play basketball...

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

This ain't the mainland...

First things first, Happy Birthday to my Island Girl!

Yes indeed, once again I am off this mainland to visit Island Girl and Island Boy so I wanted to let you all know that any orders received after 5:00pm on Thursday, March 11 will not be mailed until Monday, March 22. I have been plagued with some respiratory crud for almost 2 weeks now. Even 2 doctor visits. Yesterday, I got an inhaler and in all my years have never used one. But I sure did last night. So I am ready for some warm weather and hopefully the island will oblige.

I've been knitting away on my Saroyan and would already have it done except I was going to increase the number of leaves and after I did that on the increase section, I realized that I would probably run out of yarn before I finished the decrease round. So I tinked it back and am going with the traditional pattern.

In other craftiness, I am almost ready to put the binding on a baby quilt. This pattern is called Hip Baby and was a lot of fun.
Have a great week and hope it involves lots of craftiness!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blocking issues

I have finished my first 10 in 2010 shawls (Ravelry) and to recap it is Simple Things shawl. I used 24" Hiya Hiya needles, bamboo in a size 4 and BMFA Socks that Rock in a mill end. No idea of the color name. The photo of it is washed out but it is a gorgeous deep velvety purple.

I soaked this little shawl in warm water and then got out my brand new "blocking mats" . I used about 1,000 pins (that is for drama) and blocked it on my large quilting table. Ummm, in looking at the photo of it here, it looks a little catty-wonked. Oh well, when it is dry, I will steam it with my magic steamer.All in all, I was pleased how it came out.
I need to read up on blocking because surely there is a trick to it. I'll have to ask my group tonight at Noble Knitters.

I had a wonderful time in the Rocket City celebrating mini Orange Boy's first birthday. Here he is modeling his cupcake hat. Quick, take a photo (which I had to do several times) because as soon as we put it on his head, off it came! He thought it was funny when his daddy (Orange Boy) put it on.
Little Mommy made him his own special "1" birthday shirt. It was so adorable. She continues to amaze me with all her craftyness!
Also Orange Boy, on FB, put up random photos for 31 days straight along with a blurb about each one, representing mini Orange Boy's first 365 days. He then uploaded to one of those photo places and had a book made. I ordered my own and it came yesterday! He did an amazing job and all I can say is: EVERYONE, get your photos off the computer and into digital books, scrapbooks or somewhere! On Saturday, I will be spending all day at a local hotel for a scrapbook convention. Cannot wait...
Now, I am on to yet another shawl, this one is called Saroyan. I am using yarn from Karabella, Aurora 8 and actually I believe this is only one of a handful of times I have ever used black yarn. I think I am really going to like this pattern. Again, all the cobwebs and windows that need cleaning are the fault of Woofgangpug . Diana made me drink the frappacino that night at NK....

Friday, February 12, 2010

Sweetness for my sweetie...

Yes, I have been knitting. I get inspired by all the knitters around me at my Wednesday night Noble Knitters group. So last week, Debra was knitting on a cupcake hat she had to finish in 2 days for a baby shower. So I asked myself the next day, why am I not knitting my Stephen a cupcake hat for his first birthday?

And so it began. First to find the pattern on the internet. Then go to my stash and I found some acrylic/cotton blend yarns that I thought would do the trick. And of course, I had to add "sprinkles" to mini Orange Boy's hat. He got lots of sprinkles. While at first it looked a little girlish, the white nubbies on there are part of the icing. Hey, he probably won't even have it on for a minute. Just need a photo, that's all!

And so I continue to be inspired by my Noble Knitters group, this time by the Woofgangpug , otherwise known as Diana. She, Ellen, Debra, Pat and possibly others from our Noble Knitters, have joined this group on Ravelry namely 10 shawls in 2010. When I saw that a lot of the patterns people were knitting only consisted of one skein of yarn, I knew I was in. My first one is Simple Shawls which can be purchased on Ravelry. I already have 4 or 5 other ones lined up, along with their chosen yarns, and can't wait to start another one! I'll keep ya'll posted on my progress. Here is a picture of the shawl in progress in Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Mill Ends that Debra taunted me with at NK. I also think that I can blame Diana for the unfinished baby quilt I have in progress too. All because of this 10 in 10.

In the meantime, Baby Owl sweater is resting. I also finished the border on a baby blanket my mother knit and will post a photo of that later.

I'm off to the Rocket City tomorrow (weather permitting) to celebrate mini Orange Boy's (11th) and Orange Boy's (14th) birthdays. I cannot wait to see Cheryl as well but hey, once you have a baby who do Gammaw's really want to get their hands on?

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Left, now right...

I finished the left side of the Owl sweater, now on to the right which I had 1/4 of the way done and then when I looked at it last night I realized I had not done the garter stitch for the front where the buttonholes are made. I thought something looked strange, so I ripped it down to the ribbing and then all the way out. So tonight, I begin the right side again. Then the sleeves, etc. etc. I really love this pattern... I would already have it done if I wasn't working on a couple of other projects at the same time.

One of those being a little baby blanket that my mom knit and I am putting the border around it for her. I'll post photos when I am done. It is actually a little car seat blanket, so cute! And my mom's grey top down sweater which is my take along project and it seems that the sleeves will never be long enough! Oh well, she is always cold it seems, so whenever I finish it, she will wear it.

And I am working on a quilt for which I debuted the fabric for. It is a pattern called "Hip Baby" and you basically work 5 different patterns from 9 different fabrics. It has been fun and I am on the last set of blocks. Then I'll begin putting it together. I am in love with these little owls...

In Shop News: Just in more of the little Hiya Hiya Dumplings with the yarn ball markers. I can't tell you enough how adorable these things are. All kinds of colors, including pink this time!

Also just in, Hiya Hiya small Interchangeable needles with the 5" tips. Along with this shipment I received lots of cables and tips for your interchangeable sets. Love these needles. They are great.
Just counting down until I go see my little Stephen who will be one year old in 2 weeks! He is so precious...
Look at those dimples in his little hands...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Whoo whoo...

I am really enjoying knitting on this little Baby Owl Sweater. If you recall, I started it a while ago, but am finally able to show some progress. Tonight will finish the other shoulder and on to the sleeves/fronts. Love this pattern, love this yarn! Dale of Norway, Baby Ull - great colors, fantastic stitch definition.

Who is it for? I have no idea. But I wanted to knit it ever since my buddy, Pat, from Noble Knitters had knit it for a client of hers and I am enjoying every stitch in it. Buttons will go on the little Owl's face with black thread so you can see the eyes.

Also I am starting a new quilt for a baby boy. Picked out some great fabrics at Intown Quilters on Saturday. Spent way too much time in there but had a blast, as always. Love that store.... They have a great blog and give away stuff all the time. I just recently won 5 fat quarters so if you are a fabric crafter, head to their blog!

Patiently waiting on the new Hiya Hiya Interchangeable Needles in the larger sizes. Wonderful product... I'll let you know when I get them in the shop...