Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blocking issues

I have finished my first 10 in 2010 shawls (Ravelry) and to recap it is Simple Things shawl. I used 24" Hiya Hiya needles, bamboo in a size 4 and BMFA Socks that Rock in a mill end. No idea of the color name. The photo of it is washed out but it is a gorgeous deep velvety purple.

I soaked this little shawl in warm water and then got out my brand new "blocking mats" . I used about 1,000 pins (that is for drama) and blocked it on my large quilting table. Ummm, in looking at the photo of it here, it looks a little catty-wonked. Oh well, when it is dry, I will steam it with my magic steamer.All in all, I was pleased how it came out.
I need to read up on blocking because surely there is a trick to it. I'll have to ask my group tonight at Noble Knitters.

I had a wonderful time in the Rocket City celebrating mini Orange Boy's first birthday. Here he is modeling his cupcake hat. Quick, take a photo (which I had to do several times) because as soon as we put it on his head, off it came! He thought it was funny when his daddy (Orange Boy) put it on.
Little Mommy made him his own special "1" birthday shirt. It was so adorable. She continues to amaze me with all her craftyness!
Also Orange Boy, on FB, put up random photos for 31 days straight along with a blurb about each one, representing mini Orange Boy's first 365 days. He then uploaded to one of those photo places and had a book made. I ordered my own and it came yesterday! He did an amazing job and all I can say is: EVERYONE, get your photos off the computer and into digital books, scrapbooks or somewhere! On Saturday, I will be spending all day at a local hotel for a scrapbook convention. Cannot wait...
Now, I am on to yet another shawl, this one is called Saroyan. I am using yarn from Karabella, Aurora 8 and actually I believe this is only one of a handful of times I have ever used black yarn. I think I am really going to like this pattern. Again, all the cobwebs and windows that need cleaning are the fault of Woofgangpug . Diana made me drink the frappacino that night at NK....

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