Sunday, April 25, 2010

Glorious Yarns and fabrics weekend...

Little Mommy and I went to Stitches South yesterday. We arrived, bought our tickets and stood in line for a very loooonnng 11 minutes. There was much joy and excitement in the air.

Our plan of action was to move through all the booths, scope out new projects for ourselves and any yarns that may be contenders for our knittings. Little Mommy had a 3-ring binder of a few patterns she wanted to knit.

Last year I bought yarn because I loved it OR I told myself I could always make socks from it. This year was very different for me. I had projects listed, yardage, recommended yarns, etc. I felt very organized and I vowed not to wake up in the morning with buyer's remorse.

After trapsing through the booths ( and there might have been a little squealing too) for a couple of hours, Little Mommy and I circled back around to the concession stand and had a sandwich for lunch at which time we regrouped. We went through our lists, talked about yarns, deals, etc. Off we went again.

I shopped this one booth 3 times - I loved their yarn and prices. It was Unwind Knit from Rhode Island. Nice ladies, and since I was their first customer of the morning, I got 25% off my purchase!! They had posted on Ravelry some morning specials for Saturday.

I came away from Stitches South very satisfied and felt I made good choices. Little Mommy purchased some great Pima Cottons for a shirt for herself and a sweater for Mini Orange- Boy. Below is my haul.

Bottom Left: Tess' yarn - Raw Silk 1800 yards for Summit
Top left: Experiemental Stardust - Dream in Color Candy stripes
Middle Top: Isager Alpaca 2 for Clara Dress
Middle bottom: Schulana Silk , made in Italy, for Ringed Cowl (free pattern w/purchase which is why I bought the yarn)
Top Right: Unisono ( 4 skeins), a delightful 100% Extrafine Merino, made in Germany. This might become Clapotis (In case I am *not* the only one who has never knit this, here's the link.
Bottom Right: Madelinetosh DK in Parchment (4 skeins) and I know this will become something that was on my spreadsheet but I cannot remember at the moment. The yarn fumes are pouring out of my shopping bags currently.

Prior to Saturday's excursion to Stitches South, Little Mommy and I went to Intown quilters where we had a blast looking at all their fabrics. While this is my exclusive go-to quilt shop, LM had not been there to really look around. Since she makes little girl clothes and sells on Etsy (elevendytoo), she was in her glory. We came away with some new fab fabrics! (Fabric line on top is for a throw quilt for my 14 yr old niece for Christmas) Bottom 2 blocks are for the quilt I am working on now... Caught in a Spider web.

What a great weekend. I have so many craftys that I want to do, my head is spinning. First I will finish the Daybreak shawl I have on my needles and for sewing, I will finish my Island Quilt for my room at Island Girl and Boy's home... You may not hear from me for a while... However, check The Yarn Grove for frequent Hiya Hiya needle updates and refills as well as the new rePETe Chico bags and their brand new Bottle Slings. I don't have all of them posted yet but they are here and should all be posted by the end of the week.

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