Thursday, February 26, 2009

Check it out...

Just stoppin' in to say we are having a storewide sale on in-stock yarn products. If you get a minute, stop by...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Orange Boy!

Just wanted to take a little space and wish my Orange Boy a very Happy Birthday. When he was little, he used to tell all the girls that he was a sweetheart because he was born on Valentine's day! And he truly is a sweetheart and a wonderful young man... It is an honor to be his momma.

I also want to report that little Stephen entered this world on Wed. Feb. 11 and mommy and baby are doing spectacular. It was hard for me to leave and I am practicing being a grandma. It is fun!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Baby Week!!!

Oh my gosh, its Monday of baby week. Stephen is being induced on Wednesday at 4am. I hardly slept a wink last night between the excitement, anxiety, heartburn and extreme baby kicks. I guess Stephen is excited too. Chris, on the other hand, was snoring 2 minutes after his head hit the pillow. I bet he was the kind of kid who even slept through the night on Christmas Eve. Not me! And I doubt the next 2 nights (or 18 years for that matter!) will see much sleep. I spent about an hour on Ravelry looking for some easy patterns for the hospital. Anything with little to no counting or shaping or fancy stitches. I'll probably start something this afternoon.

Here is the Baby Kimono I finished for my friend's little girl, Brookelynn. Isn't that the cutest name!! She is 3 months old. I hope it fits. I used Nature's Palette Green Sheep Organic Wool, which you may recognize from Kiki the Kitty, completed last week. This was my second project using only 2 skeins and I STILL have some left over! Great great yarn.Here's my diaper bag- finally finished! I really wanted until the last minute, huh? Amy Butler fabric- LOVE her. There are lots of great pockets inside and the top zips closed. Oh yes, its quite fancy. And its full of wipes, butt creams, diapers and disposable breast pads. Isn't motherhood glamorous?I'll post pictures of the little man as soon as I can. Gammaw is coming to Huntsville on Wednesday. Can't wait!!!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Stash Busting!

Well, I think the nesting has really kicked in now. I just can't stop. But its not cleaning I'm doing...its knitting! I can't stop! As soon as I finish a project, I have to start another one!!

Here's a little pair of mitts I made this weekend. I used a random skein of Louet I had in my stash LOVE Louet, btw). The pattern is very loosely based on this. I think they will come in handy for stroller pushing in the early spring. For some reason, Chris doesn't want a matching pair- whats his deal??? (please excuse the belly shadow in the picture! lol!)
Here is Kiki the Kitty I made from Nature's Pallete Green Sheep Organic Wool for a friend's daughter. The wool softens up with every wash, so Kiki took a few dips in the hot tub with some laundry before I sewed her up. Great easy pattern for stash busting!I started another baby sweater too and finished half of it during the superbowl last night. I imagine I'll be posting pictures of it in the next few days. What should I start on next....

The little man's coming home outfit is all finished! I found these sweet buttons that say "Little Lamb" on them. I thought that was appropriate for my little wooly booly. :)
On Saturday, Chris had to work so I did a little shopping. Lately, I've had an uncontrollable hatred for the way our living room was decorated- its so dark and outdated- ick! So I hit up my favorite thrift stores and scored these cute pots for $.75 each and found this awesome fabric at the fabric store on clearance for $4 a yard! Here's a shot of the unfinished curtains. It just brightens up the whole room. I feel much better, but I don't think Chris will be leaving me unattended on a Saturday anymore.

Little man is due to arrive at anytime. I was 1.5 cm dilated at my last appointment, so he probably won't come tonight, but we are moving in the right direction! Chris and I get our diplomas from childbirth class tomorrow, the carseat is installed, the nursery is finished, the coming home outfit has buttons, the wipe warmer is warming- we are READY!!!