Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Why don't they know what I mean?

Well, tomorrow morning, The Yarn Grove will be on our way to Marketplace.

So, I am a casual dress person - Chico's is my favorite store. I wear their jeans all the time and on my feet ... for 2 years ... are Crocs. I do have a favorite pair of "slides" that go with my favorite "butt pants" (that really is the name of them from Chico's) but they are flats.

I enjoy "dressing up" once in a while, however, it has been a long time... I mean - really dressed up. Tomorrow night is a black tie preview and all vendors have to be open from 6:30 - 9:30 . So, outfit set but oh my gosh, what am I going to wear on feet? And panty hose? You've got to be joking... Here I go this week shopping and I start trying on "heels". That was a hoot! The nice lady brought me several pair of black heels in various stages of height. But then ... I found them ... Excuse me lady, but how much are these Brightons? $165.00 but "they are made with real Crocs". Whoa - my crocs are plastic - I see - she means the Crocs with teeth. Forget that - I don't support those Crocs on my feet.

So I ended up with a pair of heels and this is going to be a riot. These shoes are so pointed that they will arrive in the room AT LEAST 33 seconds prior to the rest of me!! I am not kidding . Next - to the pantyhose dept. Holy moly ... Here comes another nice lady. 'Can I help you'. Yes m'am, I am just looking for pull ups. She said pull ups? Now, I am known for not calling things by their right name but didn't she know I meant Knee Highs? I'm not wearing full blown pantyhose. Oh no, I only want the pull up kind! Heels and pull ups - that is as far as I can go! With a smile on her face, she brought me some Spanx "pull ups".

Marching on ... in my high heels that are non-adjustable ... and I hope I don't kill myself in them ... we'll talk later ...

I promise to take pictures