Saturday, November 28, 2009

Good Clean Fun

I was reading an article in my favorite non-knitting magazine the other day, that suggested giving felted soap as a holiday gift for only $15.
Oh no way. We are making some. Go get a bar of soap right now. Go know you have some hotel soap somewhere in your bathroom- now go get it! You will also need a little wool roving.

1. Gather supplies-
1 bar soap (don't forget to check that its cruelty free!), a few pinches of wool roving in your favorite colors, a large bowl of warm H2O, and Christmas music (optional, but highly recommended)

2. Wrap wool around bar of soap, both lengthwise and widthwise. Gently drip some water onto the wool to help it stick. Begin patting the wool, adding more water as you go.

3. Drip, pat, drip, pat, drip and pat until the wool begins to felt and you can start running your hands over and over the soap. More water, more rubbing, more suds, more Christmas music. (Make sure the entire bar is covered in wool. Add more if needed.)

4. Keep going and going, there will be lots of suds. Once your wool is good n' felted, set bar aside to dry.

Use in the shower as a gentle scrubby or place in the powder room for guests. Or stuff those stockings (for way less than $15, thank you very much.)

I'd like to know if you could use felting yarn for this project. Someone figure it out and report back to me.

Merry Making!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tiny Knitting

Since the opening of The Yarn Grove, over 4 years ago, one of my greatest joys has been the friendships of people I have met through orders, emails and in person.

One of my new friends is Gill from the UK. And with her permission, I wanted to show you these doll sweaters that she is knitting. She bought several Hiya Hiya needles and knit these sweaters for the dolls which are 10", 13" and 14". These sweaters were knit on 3-0 and 2-0 needles using lace weight yarn.

Gill says she is always knitting - always. She loves collecting dolls, bears and such and you can see this love come through on her website . Take a look at some of these tiny knits for these dolls she has done! Amazing and inspiring...

Gill also has begun selling her items such as this adorable Newborn boy outfit. Gorgeous knitting and sure to be an heirloom. I know I still have my kids special outfits that were handknit and crocheted many many years ago.
I hope to have all my needle backorders from Hiya Hiya in here within the next 10 days. So if you are waiting on certain sizes and have emailed me, rest assured your needles should arrive soon and I will be contacting you.

And to all my friends, I give thanks for each one of you. Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it) but regardless, I hope your weekend involves lots of fiber!

Photos used with permission and property of

Sunday, November 15, 2009

No two are alike!

I saw these adorable bird nest ornament kits by Marie Mayhew Designs. I found them at the Yarnery . I bought one full kit which included the pattern and also a card explaining about the German tradition of having a bird nest in your Christmas tree. I then purchased another kit which had enough "stuff" in it for 5 other ornaments. I made a total of 5 so far, two have already found new homes and these three are already gifts for family. Since I make sure all orders from The Yarn Grove get shipped very fast, I was pleased The Yarnery provided excellent and fast service. I have ordered another refill kit.

In other news, I made a trip to North Georgia mountains a couple of weeks ago to get my annual apples for pies and applesauce. Especially now for my grandbaby, Stephen, who loves Gammaw's applesauce. When I got to the orchard, they were OUT, yes OUT of Stayman Winesap. I always use these apples for my pies and sauce. They had sold completely out of them the week before. My choices now were slim. But alas, I tasted the Pink Lady apples and they would have to do. One bushel later and I had about 9 gallons of apple pie fixin's and about 9 pints of sauce. I do not add anything at all to my sauce. All natural and delish. Next year, I will go the first week of October instead of the last...

Hope this finds you all knitting away on holiday gifts. I cannot believe it is already the fifteenth of November.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Cowls and Owls

Its getting chilly (even in the south) so its time to break out the scarves...or for me, the cowls- my new "it" piece for the winter. I talk like I'm really fashionable, but don't be fooled. My main accessory is usually drool, applesauce or a combination. Cowls are great to cover applesauce stains.

Here is a picture of 2 cowls I made with some fabulous handspun and also the foiled Christmas gift. It really wasn't my fault! It was sitting in clear view and you would have picked it up too!

And here's a picture of my owl on Halloween. It was way past bedtime and we had just gotten home from going to a Clemson game in the rain. We went to 4 houses, took some pictures and then put him straight to bed. Then Chris and I ate his candy. What! Babies can't have candy!
Currently working on a baby sweater for my favorite baby girl, Katie Lane. Will post soon.

Monday, November 02, 2009

It's all about cowls for me...

I've been visiting Island Girl and Island Boy - so that is where I have been, in case there was wondering. We had a marvelous time and once again, I hated to leave. Weather was hot but the breezes were delightful...

When I visited Cheryl in October, she showed me some cowls she was making. I loved them. So many options. So I got on Ravelry and started looking up some patterns. I printed a couple off and decided who I would knit them for. I made a list of yarns that I would like to use and off I went on the Yarn Shop Hop Weekend - Oct. 10 to support my local LYS(s).

For Cheryl's, I chose Malabrigo Worsted in Lavanda in this Quickie Cowl pattern. For another one (recipient shall remain nameless) I chose Alpaca with a Twist Highlander yarn and this Cowl'd and Frosty Morning pattern. Love this yarn. Love the tweed (see photo).

As I finish a gift or two of knitting or sewing, I have a special place I put them. Well, Cheryl's cowl had just finished blocking this past week and she, Orange Boy and Stephen came for a visit. I hid (I thought) her finished cowl under a bag of yarn that was "scheduled" to go into its place of gift waiting honor. She somehow looked at the bag of yarn and then saw this scrumptious Malabrigo Cowl and pulled it out. She liked it. I was glad. She is wearing it now. It looks great on her and maybe Orange Boy and get a photo of it for me. I never even had time for that!

Hiya Hiya needles are in and plentiful (as of this writing). If you cannot find the size you want or have any questions about them, please email me at janeATtheyarngroveDOTcom.
Happy Fiber morning to you all.