Sunday, September 26, 2010

Where I'm going, I'll need 'em

Just 2 more days and I'm off to see my mini Island Boy, and the rest of the Island family.  Also mini Orange Boy and his parents will arrive later in the week.  We will all be together and I cannot wait!  Mini Island Boy will be christened on Saturday, October 2nd and I will for sure share photos. 

Along with me will go my mom.  This is the trip that she and I were taking on May 19th to visit Island Girl and attend her baby shower.  But if you recall, Island Girl delivered early so we obviously had canceled that trip.  Mom is excited and I knew I had to make her a sun hat.  We will have a large celebration at Mini Island Boy's home afterwards which will include lots of sun and swim.  So I made her a hat and I honestly couldn't stop making them.  They will be available for anyone who would like one at the par-tay.  Mine is mixed up in there as well. 
As for knitting, I am loving this Summerflies.  This is the same one that I saw on Stephanie Japel's website and knew I had to knit it.  I am actually using the same yarn and colorway, Madelintosh Pashmina in Tern which I ordered from the fabulous ImaginKnits in San Francisco.  My arrived arrived in 2 days.  Yes 2 days!  No photos yet but this will be finished before I return home.  (famous last words).

As for the shop, all orders will not mail until Tuesday, October 5...  Look soon for a huge update in your favorite Hiya Hiya needle sizes and accessories.  I still have a few ChiocoBag Halloween Bags left...

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