Sunday, January 31, 2010

Left, now right...

I finished the left side of the Owl sweater, now on to the right which I had 1/4 of the way done and then when I looked at it last night I realized I had not done the garter stitch for the front where the buttonholes are made. I thought something looked strange, so I ripped it down to the ribbing and then all the way out. So tonight, I begin the right side again. Then the sleeves, etc. etc. I really love this pattern... I would already have it done if I wasn't working on a couple of other projects at the same time.

One of those being a little baby blanket that my mom knit and I am putting the border around it for her. I'll post photos when I am done. It is actually a little car seat blanket, so cute! And my mom's grey top down sweater which is my take along project and it seems that the sleeves will never be long enough! Oh well, she is always cold it seems, so whenever I finish it, she will wear it.

And I am working on a quilt for which I debuted the fabric for. It is a pattern called "Hip Baby" and you basically work 5 different patterns from 9 different fabrics. It has been fun and I am on the last set of blocks. Then I'll begin putting it together. I am in love with these little owls...

In Shop News: Just in more of the little Hiya Hiya Dumplings with the yarn ball markers. I can't tell you enough how adorable these things are. All kinds of colors, including pink this time!

Also just in, Hiya Hiya small Interchangeable needles with the 5" tips. Along with this shipment I received lots of cables and tips for your interchangeable sets. Love these needles. They are great.
Just counting down until I go see my little Stephen who will be one year old in 2 weeks! He is so precious...
Look at those dimples in his little hands...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Whoo whoo...

I am really enjoying knitting on this little Baby Owl Sweater. If you recall, I started it a while ago, but am finally able to show some progress. Tonight will finish the other shoulder and on to the sleeves/fronts. Love this pattern, love this yarn! Dale of Norway, Baby Ull - great colors, fantastic stitch definition.

Who is it for? I have no idea. But I wanted to knit it ever since my buddy, Pat, from Noble Knitters had knit it for a client of hers and I am enjoying every stitch in it. Buttons will go on the little Owl's face with black thread so you can see the eyes.

Also I am starting a new quilt for a baby boy. Picked out some great fabrics at Intown Quilters on Saturday. Spent way too much time in there but had a blast, as always. Love that store.... They have a great blog and give away stuff all the time. I just recently won 5 fat quarters so if you are a fabric crafter, head to their blog!

Patiently waiting on the new Hiya Hiya Interchangeable Needles in the larger sizes. Wonderful product... I'll let you know when I get them in the shop...

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy New Year!

A new year and a new decade. Wow. Time just zips by.

I had a glorious Christmas with all my kids. My only complaint is it went too fast but I already have some trips planned to go to the Orange family and Island kids.

I made a lot of my gifts this year so now I can show some of them.

Aprons sewn for the gals,

mini kleenex holders with caribeners so they can clip them in their purses;

hand embroidered kitchen towels for each - a Kitty theme from Sublime Stitching (so much fun and fast. You should try it)

and Recipe card sets of all their favorite recipes throughout the years. I took a class from Archiver's store back in November and had to make two. It took me about 3 full weeks of working on them little by little to finish but it was well worth it. Both sets of kids LOVED it. Again, it is all their favorite recipes and now they have them at their fingertips...

For the guys, little elf ornaments but I failed to take a photo of one who was knit in Island Boy's favorite NCAA football team. Here is one that I knit for Orange Boy who likes BMarley. I do not even remember where I got the pattern but I think it was on a yahoo! group for quick gifts I had found. Anyway, Orange Boy loved it; complete with dreads!

Now for my new knitting project. Yes, I am still working on the top down sweater I started several months ago and just have the two sleeves left now. But at Knit night a couple of weeks ago, Pat, who is an awesome knitter, had been commissioned to knit a customer a vintage baby sweater. Oh my gosh, it was the cutest thing and because I love owls and birds so much, I knew I had to hunt the pattern down.

It is a Penny Straker pattern and I found them in stock at Dublin Bay Knitting Company and bought two patterns and also yarn. The yarn I chose is Dale of Norway, Baby Ull in a cream color but they have lots of different colors. Dublin Bay Knitting - great online shop and super fast service! So I got out my #1 and #2 straight needles and have already started. I even swatched! But didn't make any adjustments because it is a cardigan so this one will be a little larger than a 6 month size. I don't know if I will make the matching bonnet or not. I LOVE tiny needles and skinny yarn!

Here is a photo of the front of the pattern... I also bought the next size up for toddlers and small kids.
So I am happy to start the new year with a new project! Hope your New Year is off to a crafty start...