Saturday, December 07, 2013

Hiya Hiya Interchangeable Accessories and ....

Hiya Hiya has introduced Single Point Adapters.  These versatile attachments for your 4" or 5" Interchangeable needle tips are great.  Attach one and you have a straight needle.  Add a Panda Cable Stopper and you have a functional straight needle, all for a low cost. Shown below with the optional purchase of a Panda Cable Stopper.
Next up, Hiya Hiya KnitSaver Interchangeable Cables, in both Small (US 2-8) and Large (US9-15) for your interchangeable needle tips. Lifelines are a fabulous way to protect your stitches while knitting complicated lace patterns.

Looking for a small gift for that special friend/family member who loves to knit?  Check out all the wonderful and unique accessories offered at The Yarn Grove.

I have been knitting and have finished two shawls; however, I have yet to block them.  My least favorite thing to do but the most rewarding, once it's all said and done.  Coming up next on my needles will be another Shipwreck Shawl.  One of my all time favorite patterns.  Amazingly a quick knit.  My hold up currently are the holidays and another gift I need to finish.

I have been going to a knitting group on Wednesdays at our local Barnes and Noble.  It is a fun group and after several years, there have been deep friendships formed. It was only fitting that when one of our dear friends found out she was battling her illness once again, it was decided by one to knit her a shawl.  Another friend became the drill sergeant.  She found the Stephen West Kenzie pattern and chose Madelinetosh Sport Weight yarn and started the drill.  Believe me, it was knit with so much love, but she made sure we kept it going. It worked out perfectly that each one of us knit a stripe. We then passed a journal with it, put a strand of our yarn color that we knit and wrote her a message.  Within 3 weeks, this extra large shawl was done.  We all met on a Wednesday night at our friend's place, scrumptious appetizers, love and laughter and presented her with this shawl.  I'm so glad we did.

I been sewing and quilting.  Baby quilt - done.  Small gifties for Christmas - done.
The colors are much prettier in person.  

Love. Peace. Laughter to each of you this holiday season.  Don't sweat the small stuff.  Life is short.