Wednesday, August 29, 2007

me, my crocs and socks

These Crocs were made for walkin' and that's just what they'll do... in Key West. As you can tell, my new Mary Jane Crocs and my finished Skinny Duets socks are ready for my trip tomorrow. Yep, I'm leaving for Key West. Nope, never been but my daughter's company has moved her there for a temporary time and of course, I'm going to see her. She has been there for about 2 months now. I had already scheduled to go to Sarasota (where she *really* lives) but hey, Key West, sure thing! I'm gonna squeeze her so hard!

Sorry about the lull in blogging from me. My internet has been down since last Sat and still is so I have been using dial up. Oh joy!

Have a great safe weekend. I think I'll fit right in with my new Crocs and new socks... whadya think? And I'll be ready for the Bowden Bowl Monday night at 8pm. Sittin' there with my brand new orange Mary Jane Crocs.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Puddle Pup

Awwww look at my puppy!!!

We don't have a yard, so when Spottie need to make a #2, we have to walk...rain or shine. Well, my poor puppy gets soaked to the bone whenever it rains, so I decided to make her a rain coat. I patterned out the shape on some newspaper, and simply sewed binding around the fabric and vinyl. Today was our first test, and as you can see, she's dry and happy! Isn't she just darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Organic ... as in toys and Dollies

Knitting Daily. I signed up a while ago and it is really neat. It is, as they say, a newsletter for knitters by knitters. It is filled with free patterns, tips, and more. All you have to do is provide your email address to them.

This week there was an article with several patterns for toys. Both knitting and crocheting toys. And you can use organic yarns such as O~Wool Balance™, Pakucho, O~Wool 2-ply makes great socks too), O~Wool Classic™ or even Green Sheep™ . Most can be knit or crocheted using one skein. You can even make a dolly with clothes. We have patterns for those as well - Oat Couture Dollies - Visits Hawaii,

In yarn news at The Yarn Grove, I have a huge shipment of new sock yarn sitting here. I will photograph it soon and put it up. In the meantime, here is the description:
  • Hand Dyed sock yarn but not from a female

  • Has little colored freckles

  • So very soft
      • Stay tuned to The Yarn Grove ... This yarn was suggested to us by a customer. We contacted the company and gave it a test drive and loved it! She will be receiving a free skein of her color choice too! If there is a yarn you would like to see at The Yarn Grove, email me at and if we pick that line up, (kinda like a pick up line, hehehe) you too will receive a free skein. Simple as that...

        Tuesday, August 21, 2007, Fall Cleaning

        Hiya! To me, autumn marks the beginning of the knitting season. You know what that means- time to clean out those stashes! I don't know about you, but my stash consists of left overs, frogged projects, and impulse buys...and usually not enough of one yarn to complete a whole project. SO, that's why I was so jazzed to discover Stitch Diva Studios line of one skein projects. High fashion accessories knit up quick and are perfect for Christmas...just around the corner may I remind you.

        Monday, August 20, 2007

        Kitty Prayers

        Oh God,

        Please send balls of yarn. Wool preferably.

        Sunday, August 19, 2007

        Love my Skinnys

        Love the Skinny Duets I am knitting up. Toe up, plain as usual but that's the way I wanted these. This is Fuschia Safari colorway. And let me just tell ya, they are going to look too cool with my brand new mary jane orange Crocs that have arrived. College football season is just around the corner and we will kick off the season with the Bowden Bowl.

        See yourself on a calendar: I got an email the other day from Susan Ripley who is gathering knitting and crocheting patterns for the 2009 Pattern A Day Calender from Accord Publishing. Here's the scoop:

        Here's a chance to get your design published. Patterns are accepted from individuals, shops, charities and yarn companies. There are no restrictions and the patterns can also be something that is currently being distributed for free.

        You can visit their website , Knitting Pattern a Day and learn more about the submission requirements. Imagine how excited you would be to flip the calendar in 2009 to ... say ... feb. 14 or mar. 9 or even oct. 21 and see your pattern and name there. Try it!

        Sale News: In other Yarn Grove news, we have J. Knits Lace-A-Licious Extra superfine Alpaca (1200 yards) on sale for 19.50 a skein. Great price for some great lace yarn. Also J. Knits DK weight yarn is on sale for $9.00. 2 skeins should knit up a nice pair of adult socks. Fast and easy... Give it a whirl...

        Thursday, August 16, 2007

        Bag Lady!

        I love making trash into treasures, so when I read this Etsy Lab tutorial, I had to try it right away! Using plastic grocery bags, wax paper and an iron, you can make sturdy plastic sheets to make bags, jewelry, home accents...anything! I cut up colored bags to make a flower that I think I'll incorporate into a tote bag. Its really really fun and easy. You must try it!!!

        Wednesday, August 15, 2007

        A Natural Knitter

        I consider myself a natural knitter. I love the natural yarns, can you tell? I love to talk about them too. Just ask me. We have another new line coming in the fall too.

        The knitting book, The Natural Knitter, is a true treasure. Authored by Barbara Albright, who also authored Knitter's Stash, Odd Ball Knitting and others, was passionate about fiber. Sadly, Barbara passed away before she saw this book published. There are many contributors to this book, amongst them, the ever wonderful, delightful and brilliant Darlene Hayes of Hand Jive Knits who produces those gorgeous Nature's Palette™ yarns and Nature's Palette Green Sheep™ Organic yarns. Green Sheep is from a farm in Montana. Darlene, in her 'before dyeing yarn' life, worked as a research molecular biologist and an attorney.

        This book explains all about what makes yarn organic and what does that mean. It takes you through most all the natural fibers. It has great patterns and one of them is Darlene's, featured on the front cover. It is the Mod, Mod, Modular Hat, socks and half-gloves.
        Check out a copy today. You won't be disappointed.

        Monday, August 13, 2007

        Some more Red Robin: Bird, Nest & Eggs...

        Since I finished the pair of Kaffe Fassett socks, and thank you for your comments and emails regarding how to fix the ladders which has been driving me to utter annoyance, I picked up my Chevron scarf. I continue on in Wooly Boully Red Robin: Bird, Nest & Eggs colorway. This is a huge skein of yarn so I am wondering how much of it I will use on the scarf. I will most likely have enough for fingerless gloves as well.

        And oh that Jenny, of Woolly Boully. Just arrived: her brand new Softie Sock Yarn (100% merino) in so many awesome colorways. As a lot of you know, Jenny's colorways are inspired by her poetry/prose. I love to include the inspiration from her with each colorway. Check out for yourself. I also have her *original* yarn coming in for a refresh, which is the softest 75%merino/25% nylon I personally have ever felt.

        I did wind up and cast on a pair of socks for *me* last night! These are all mine. To go with my new Mary Jane Crocs I ordered last night. Why did I order them on line through Crocs? Because I couldn't find the color I needed. Yep, it's almost College Football season and I got to get my colors ready. They are orange... Clemson University orange.(And our state license campaign paid off - the State of Georgia will now be having Clemson License plates as an option. I mean, hey, they have Auburn - why not Clemson. Look for those in jan '08). My old orange Crocs have given up the ghost but they are great lawn mowing shoes. And the socks I am knitting will be dynamite with my new Crocs. I see a smile on my son, Chris' face, just mentioning his beloved Clemson... Honey, I'll be the one in orange...

        Friday, August 10, 2007

        Much Kaffe goodness

        They are done. Finished. Kaput. The Kaffe Fassett Design Line by Regia - this happens to be Landscape Fog #4253 and I must say, it was nice to knit with.

        I knit my socks from the toe up on dpns and I can tell I need to pay attention more. I see ladders in these socks and it drives me nuts. To tell you the truth, I'm not sure why - maybe I am not tightening enough when moving from dpn to dpn? I am a tight knitter anyway so I never thought I would have this problem. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks. I do like this yarn. And the colorways - that goes without saying. See for yourself...

        Niece and I went to the Coca-Cola museum yesterday. We have been before but she wanted to go again. They just moved it to across from the GA aquarium a couple of months ago. It was so flippin' hot - we took the train down there so had to walk about 20 minutes (actually was longer for us since I have no sense of direction and she's only 11 and no help whatsoever). A fun time though. Pictures later.

        I leave you with Wooly Bully - my cat who is often described as a "bowling ball with legs". He is a sweetheart, has the greenest eyes and is tipping the scales at approx. 22#. He has food issues. Hates his bowl empty. Will hunt you down wherever you are in the house to let you know it too...

        Thursday, August 09, 2007


        Have you guys heard of this AWESOME new website?? The Rocket City Knitters have finally reunited after a long summer apart, and our president, Jill, told me about this super cool website at our last meeting. Ravelry is an online knitting and crochet community where users review projects, patterns, and yarns, post questions and answers, and chat about the wonderful world of fiber. Ravelry isn't fully "up and running" but you can still browse the site and open your own account.

        Well, I've started on Christmas. Its never too early. I'm also making a cute cute baby sweater for my cousin, who is due in October. I dyed the yarn a perfect denim blue, which I named "Baby Drew Blue" after my sweet little unborn cousin. I'll post pictures asap.

        I'm so ready for fall. There's something about the crisp air and the colors of the leaves that inspires knitting; AND the purchase of copious amounts of new yarn!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Wednesday, August 08, 2007

        di un anno - oh boy...

        One year old - oh boy. oh joy. my pup. (since I have 73% italian kids, might as well speak it).

        First let's talk about my knittin'. That's a happier subject right now for me. Just took off one Kaffe Fassett sock and the other is almost done. This is Landscape Fog #4253 and I love this yarn. It has been very popular here at The Yarn Grove ... My stripes are matching up nicely too ... which is a great feat for me...

        So let me vent about my Junior again? Thanks.

        Overview: Sunday - Family reunion on hubby's side - 3 hr. drive. Oh boy, let's take Junior! He loves to ride...

        • Pull up to the pavilion - Junior gets out - proceeds to hurl right in front of Aunt Gladys, not once but twice. Lovely. Okay, he probably got a little car sick. He behaves nicely and is a sweetheart as usual.

        • 3/4 way home ... I smell something ... look in back ... oh happy days - he got sick again both ways! Do you have any idea how much paper towels cost at a Stop N Go ? $2.89. Clean up, drive rest of way home.

        • Next am - hurls 3 more times.
        • Go to Vet. Ca-ching
        • Vet examines him and determines *something* is in his stomach and has nothing to do with being car sick - even though that can happen. "Let's start with x-rays." I leave him and wait for call.

        Let me stop right here for a moment. My darling friends, Missy and Doug, have 2 giant sized dogs. They are maybe 4-5 years old. Less than a year ago, Bridgette ate part of a comforter and got really sick. (we use the same vet clinic). She had major surgery and was in serious shape for a couple of days but pulled through after they spent the equivalent of a new 1988 car on her.

        Last weekend I met up with my darling friends again, Missy and Doug. She was telling me about her week from hell which included Bridgette getting out of her crate in the middle of the day and eating part of a bath towel. Umm, you guessed it. Another surgery but this time not so serious and only 1/2 a 1988 new car this time.

        • phone rings - Vet says we might have some good news. Looks like the "material" that is in his stomach is on the right path to his colon. With that said, let's try some Barium and give him some fluids. Bring him back tomorrow morning (Tuesday) for x-rays so we can make sure "it/they" have moved. Vet asks, "have you fed him any chicken bones?" We don't even eat chicken like that.

        • Drop Junior off after I had a long talk with him the night before and the importance of "passing" whatever is residing in his belly.

        • Drive to SC to pickup my niece Kaitlin, who is 11 and grown 2 more inches since I saw her at her spring break.

        • phone rings. It's the vet. It/they are moving! Hooray! It is now in his colon and the whole clinic is on JCW (Junior colon watch).

        • I pick him up with instructions to watch for vomiting but they felt sure he would pass the remaining stuff in his stomach. Nope, I do not feed him rawhides anymore. No bones, no nothing. Vet says it has the density of bone. Something with mineral. No clue - maybe gravel? Yep, could be...

        I leave the vet asking for parenting classes please...

        Monday, August 06, 2007

        Question - Project x 1 or x 2 or x gobs?

        I am almost finished with my Kaffe Fassett socks (long road trip yesterday) and will show them later this week.

        This is how I knit. I start a project and keep going on that same project until I am done. I currently have OTN 2 other objects in various stages of completion. One is a pair of J.Knits socks in the gorgeous Palm Springs colorway and the other, and you have viewed it, is my Chevron scarf in Woolly Boully.

        So my question is: How many projects do you have going in your knitting bag / basket? I'm just curious. You can leave me a comment or email me. Do you have 1, 2 or gobs of them? I usually have to finish one project first. Am I weird? (Kids - no comments allowed).

        Here is what's going on for me this week. New Hand Jive Knits shawl patterns - going up. New Pagewood sock yarns should be arriving soon. My 11 yr old niece is coming for a visit tomorrow (no she still doesn't take naps - jeez). She wants to go to the Coca-Cola museum for the 3rd time (they have a new location now in ATL) and I honestly don't know what else I will do with her. She will, at some point (no pun intended) have a pair of knittin' needles in her hand (she knows the basics).

        Now that summer is coming to a close, get out in those gardens , neighbors gardens, farmers market and snatch up some fresh tomatoes. I put up about 11 quarts of the fresh ones for my soups, chilis and sauces this winter. I have been picking so many off my own vines that I am freezing them. Peel 'em, grind 'em, bag 'em, freeze 'em.

        I also put up about a dozen pints of salsa and 3 pints of dilly beans. My mom loves dilly beans. So easy - but they do have to sit awhile before they get real good. Mom loves canning too. She said last night we really need to put up some more pickles. Maybe that is what I will do with Kaitlin. She needs to learn...

        Friday, August 03, 2007

        My money tree...

        Remember when I wrote about my money tree? I showed it to you in bloom ... well here it is all bloomed out. Check out my new little friend hanging around on it this morning as I went to take a photo of it. Cute little critter.

        The first photo shows what it looks like *before* revealing the coin and my hand photo shows the gorgeous translucent coin and seeds. Now let me just say, I am going to have money everywhere next spring. It is so much fun to stand around and reveal the silver coin and I have done it on hundreds of them. The other night my husband couldn't find me and sure enough, I was out front peeling the coins. I just let the seeds go wherever they want too.

        So there you have it, my money tree.

        Just in to us, a refill of Nature's Palette. I will get more photos up and also some new patterns from Darlene. Some gorgeous new shawl patterns actually. All knit up with her scrumptious fingering weight. I just received my new Interweave Knits mag yesterday. It is a great issue - talks a lot about organic yarns - and of course, Darlene's Organic Worsted weight is in there. It is 85% organic wool from Montana and 15% mohair. Try some. Its new name is Nature's Palette - Green Sheep™

        Wednesday, August 01, 2007

        Let me show you some love...

        Kaffe Fassett yarns from Regia. Yummm. Here is a photo of mine started from Landscape Fog #4253. My usual, turkish cast on, toe up. And speaking of turkish cast on... Zena, the lady who I met a couple yrs ago and took a sock class from and who taught me everything I know about knitting socks... is now attending Noble Knitters - our group on Wed. Phyllis, one of the other gals, and I were talking a few weeks ago about our socks. Phyllis said she was learning about toe up from a gal in her other knitting group at a local LYS. She said, "all she does is knits socks". Same Zena. Her socks look like they are knit on a machine. I'm telling you ... unbelieveable... I aspire to knit socks like her one day!

        When I started knitting socks, all was fine and dandy - except I never wanted to knit the second sock. I wanted to dive into my next fresh, exciting ball of yarn. So, 2 years ago, I started casting on for my second one right after my first. It has worked brilliantly for me. My socks always have a mate. Try it! It just might work for you.

        Wow, August 1st. Okay, peeps, time to get cranking on all those holiday gifts. I'm gearing up for our huge Marketplace in November. This year The Yarn Grove will have 2 booths together. Lily Purl will have more room this year and we hope to have a little *sit-n-knit* corner too.

        And what would August 1st be for me (gosh I'm a poet too) without showing Junior, my precious Silky Terrier, on his first birthday. Wow, I made it to his 1st. And he did too! Some may remember, this is my first puppy ... ever.