Monday, September 13, 2010

Some threads, some strings

Yesterday I met the lady who does my long-arm quilting and she handed me back 2 quilt tops I had given her a couple of weeks ago.  One is for me and one is a Christmas gift.  Please note that I have to add the binding.  I do not pay her to do that for me - although she would.

I absolutely love making throw quilts.  I make sure they are just big enough to huddle under.  These are within 2 inches of each other - one is 59" and one is 61"  Both are 42" wide.  Just big enough!  I usually let the long-armer choose the pattern she thinks is best for each quilt.  She told me that the quilts talk to her and tell her what design to put on them and let me tell you, she is spot on.  These 2 were way less than $100 for both.  Well worth it.  And the backs are as nice as the fronts!

The Retro Christmas one I actually finished last year but never got it quilted.  It was a kit I got from my LQS (Intown Quilters) .  Love the whole 1950-1960's colors and look.  This one is mine.  The pink one is Hip Baby pattern but I added a panel to make it large enough for my 15 yr old niece who is already 5'10-1/2" tall.  This is a gift for her.  Also, the photos do not show the genuine rich colors of both of these, but you get the picture ; )

Knitting - yes.  My Atlanta Knitting Guild dresses bears and have been doing so since 1980.  We can purchase one ourselves or pick up an undressed bear at guild meeting.  Currently,AKG donates all the bears to a local child advocacy center where the children are allowed to pick one to take home.  I have 2 bears which I am going to dress.  This fella told me he needed a vest and scarf.  Vest is finished and I gave my mom the task of making his scarf so she could be involved as well.   

And because I go see the Island Family in just 2 weeks, where the Orange Boy, mini orange boy and Little Mommy will meet us as well, I decided my 2 little guys needed matching sun hats.  I took an old shirt of Orange Boy's which was always one of my favorites and cut it up for the outside but since this is a reversible pattern, I had to put their favorite team fabrics on the other side.  Mini Orange Boy is of course the Paws and Mini Island Boy is the "U".  These two teams will face off on Oct 2 which just so happens when we will be all together.  A fun time for sure!  More on that trip later.The pattern I bought on Etsy from tie dye Diva Sewing Patterns.  Great one and highly recommend!


So I guess I have been busy! I've now got a sunhat cut out for my mother who will also join me to see the Island Family...

More later...  Hope your weather wherever you are is cooling off... 

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Cheryl said...

Gaga has been so busy!!! I LOVE the Christmas quilt. I can't wait to see you.