Saturday, December 29, 2012


Well, once again, Hiya Hiya did it just right.  Their new release of 4" and 5" Interchangeable tips in Large SHARPs US 9-15 are fabulous.  They arrived here just in time to ship before Christmas holiday.  Currently, the only color the cases are available in are teal.  I am currently using a US 9 SHARPs and love love love them! 
I also had on order Large SHARPs Interchangeable tips as well but because of the shipping schedule, I had to put that order on hold.  I did not have time to put those items on The Yarn Grove.  I do expect all sizes that Hiya Hiya North America has in stock for the individual 4" and 5" tips sometime the first full week of January. 

I sent three of those quilt tops I had shown in a previous blog to my longarm quilter and they turned out wonderfully.  These 2 photos do not do them justice because I am not a good photographer.  The David Butler - Parson Gray - Curious Nature quilt was everyone's favorite.  It went to my son.  Even my husband commented that it was the best quilt I had ever done.  I have enough fabric left to make another one.  Love love love this one. 

The Batik quilt came out equally as well - just very bright. The Pickle dish, not shown, is already on my side of the bed!

In my knitting world, I have another Little Shells on the sticks. I'm using 2 different weight yarns, held together.  One is 100% alpaca and the other mohair/silk blend, both from Shibui yarns.  Scrumptious.  In a cream color. 

Wishing you and yours Peace. Love. Laughter in 2013.