Thursday, March 25, 2010

Retail Therapy

I have returned to the Mainland. I had a great visit with my Island Girl and Boy, and in case I forgot to tell you, a mini-Island Boy in the works! Their first baby is due around June and I could not be more excited to have Grandson #2!!

When I returned last weekend, I needed some fabric retail therapy. So off I went to my favorite In-Town Quilters on Sunday which actually happened to be Shop Hop weekend. I picked up a pattern book called Sizzlin' Sixties and I shall embark in the Caught in a Web pattern. When done in these colorways, picked by the ever talented staff at In-Town, it is so cool looking. I usually steer away from triangles, etc. when quilting because frankly I don't enjoy it. But I have been looking at their sample quilt and decided the colors, design would be perfect for my bedroom at Island Girl/Boy's home. My furniture is white wicker there and this will really make the walls pop.

Also on Thursday, before I left, the Sewing Expo was in town for their annual show. I was in desperate need of a new cutting mat since I had accidentally let my mini iron touch it, more than a couple of times. So I was thrilled to see my favorite manufacturer there and purchased a new mat. Not only is it a mat but I bought the mat with turntable as well. Now instead of moving my stacks of fabric around to be cut, I can just spin the turntable! I am so excited to try it out.

In knitting news, a huge order of Hiya Hiya needles are scheduled to arrive today so check back at The Yarn Grove if you have been waiting for your size to come in.

I just finished Saroyan and it will be on the blocking board today. I loved this pattern and it is a free pattern. It was a fun knit. So I sat for a while last night before going to knit group and decided my next shawl project would be Daybreak. I had started this knit once before and couldn't get the hang of the beginning and I found out last night why. I wasn't paying attention. So my dear pal, Pat, sat so patiently with me and helped. So off I go. Thanks Pat!!

And I leave you today with a photo of mini-orange boy learning to play basketball...

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

This ain't the mainland...

First things first, Happy Birthday to my Island Girl!

Yes indeed, once again I am off this mainland to visit Island Girl and Island Boy so I wanted to let you all know that any orders received after 5:00pm on Thursday, March 11 will not be mailed until Monday, March 22. I have been plagued with some respiratory crud for almost 2 weeks now. Even 2 doctor visits. Yesterday, I got an inhaler and in all my years have never used one. But I sure did last night. So I am ready for some warm weather and hopefully the island will oblige.

I've been knitting away on my Saroyan and would already have it done except I was going to increase the number of leaves and after I did that on the increase section, I realized that I would probably run out of yarn before I finished the decrease round. So I tinked it back and am going with the traditional pattern.

In other craftiness, I am almost ready to put the binding on a baby quilt. This pattern is called Hip Baby and was a lot of fun.
Have a great week and hope it involves lots of craftiness!