Saturday, August 23, 2008

Gifts for Baby

I can't believe all the cute things we're already getting!
Here's a bib from Gammaw. What is this pattern?? Its adorable!
Here's some Baby Bling from my incredible fabulous friend, Kate.And here are some penguin booties...which I'm sorry to say, don't come in my size. I think its safe to say we will have a very well dressed baby!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bring on the Fall!

Football season officially starts next weekend, which means knitting season also starts! Don't get me wrong, I like football and everything, but when its all your husband watches for 5 months, you need a little distraction! He watches, I knit. We coinside perfectly! And win or lose, at the end of every weekend, I have a fabulous project to show for it.
Last night, in preparation for kickoff, Orange boy and I boiled 2.5 pounds of peanuts and blanched and peeled 14 tomatoes from the garden for salsa. We're well on our way to stocking our freezer with a season's worth of football food!

As far as knitting goes, I'm working on socks (gasp!!) a few scarves that will be christmas presents, and I'm hoping to start another quilt soon.
September is only 9 days away!!! Beef up your stashes boys and girls- its going to be a long winter!!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fun, fast gift idea...

I have been wanting to make this dust glove for a long while. These are fun, fast to make and make me smile. I mean, how much more fun can dusting be with one of these! Complete with its own bling... Here's how I made it...

Went to do$$ar store and found these knit gloves. I was actually looking for the standard muslin kind but how appropriate are these being that they are knitted.

Wrap yarn around cardboard at about 5-1/2 to 6" long for about 16 wraps. Place on the glove and take a length of yarn to secure down on the glove, tying the bundle in half. I used a Chibi needle. So easy.. Repeat until you have it as full as you would like. I used an entire ball of Peaches n Creme yarn but I am gathering all my remaining scraps to make a really colorful one.

As for the fingernails, I took Sticky Felt from the hobby store and drew on the paper side, cut them out and stuck them on the front. You don't have to give it a "ring" but I sewed some beads on. My next one is also going to have a bracelet...

These are fun and a great way to use of scraps...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Cutest Boo-tays this side of I-85!

I couldn't help it. I had to have them. Clemson newborn booties. Adorable. I will have to promise Cheryl that I will not buy or attempt to buy all things orange for the baby. however, I will have to knit baby at least one thing orange. Just one. Orange Boy will love them.

The visit with my 12yo niece was great. She is 5'10" and a sweetheart. It was an enlightening visit. How she has changed since last summer! Aunt Jane bought her some back to school clothes. The music was so loud in that store that I couldn't hear a thing and I felt quite old! But it was fun... She is a great bargain shopper and most all things bought were from the sale racks. Just like Aunt Jane : )

Back to knittin'. I am progressing nicely on Clue 3 in Casablanca and here is a photo . I did not stretch it out to photograph - mainly because I have no room on my work area. I have so many other projects going on - embroidery, shower invites, etc. so it is hard to tell. I am loving this pattern.

Also, a shot of the bib I am knitting in Peaches n creme from my stash. I think this is the Fiesta colorway and the pattern is from Mason Dixon Knitting Book. I love those gals. They are a hoot.

That's about all for now. Working on stuff for the shop - just not enough time in a day lately...

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Gift Socks - done!

Well, I finally finished my Pagewood Farms Denali socks, plain old toe up in Huntsville a week ago. Oh yeah, I went to Huntsville to visit Orange Boy and Cheryl. We had a lovely visit and also tried to go to a great local yarn shop but it did not work out in our time schedule. I took them an adorable chest of drawers that were my father's when he was a boy. They will use them for the new baby. Speaking of new baby, I finally started a bib.

Also OTN, Casablanca. I am loving this shawl. Only on Clue 3, I am lagging behind many others but I love this! Pictures coming.

One of the many daily visitors to our yard...

Summer is wrapping up quickly, isn't it. My 12yo niece is coming to visit Aunt Jane Thursday for a few days.

Look out the holidays are advancing...