Sunday, December 20, 2009

Little Dumplings...

I just had to post about these new Dumplings from Hiya Hiya that we have just received. They are so functional. Small yet able to hold all those tiny stitch markers that I am never able to find in my knitting bag. Squeeze the two ends and it opens. The Dumplings are approximately 3 inches long and 1-3/4" at the widest part, perfect for storing your stitch markers or small gifts.

Also included with the Dumplings are the neatest yarn ball stitch markers, set of 6. Perhaps some of you who are in the Hiya Hiya Ravelry group will remember when Qianer was designing these and asking for our opinions. They are lightweight and fit up to a US size 8 (5mm). A couple of extra rings are included for larger sizes to a US 15(10mm). For only $10.00, these Dumplings are a wonderful addition to your knitting accessories.

Also just in to The Yarn Grove are the long awaited Hiya Hiya Needle Gauges. I have had these on back order for literally months and they have finally arrived. Measuring from needles from a US 000-000 (.7mm) to a US 15 (10mm) these are also a must have, especially if you use the micro sized needles.

I am ready for Christmas. My gift this year is Island Girl and Boy, Cheryl, Orange Boy and mini Orange Boy are all coming here this year. We will celebrate a day or two after Christmas but that's okay.
Speaking of gifts, if any of you need last minute gift ideas and don't know what to get that "person who has everything", give a monetary gift to a charity in his/her honor. There are so many in need this year... Or better yet, volunteer your time...
Have a safe and happy holiday time...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Tiny needles = adorable creatures

These photos are from Judy of CA who so graciously allowed me to share them on my blog. She purchased some micro sized Hiya Hiya Needles and over Thanksgiving knit this adorable Octopus. The pattern is by Hansi Singh, you can find more info re: her on Ravelry. She has lots of sea creature patterns and even a book out. Thank you Judy!
I am done with gift shopping and I took the last gift off the needles this weekend. It is a cowl for my mom and I know she will love it. It is made from Cheryl B Design hand dyed yarn (Malabrigo base) and a dream to work with. The pattern is the same one I did for Cheryl's cowl, yes it is okay for me to mention because if you refer to my post of November 2nd, you will recall she found it before I got it wrapped. And is loving it, I might add.

The great thing for me about finishing a project is starting another one. I'm struggling with that decision right now. Perhaps another shawl. I am working on one that is nothing but garter stitch that accompanies me to doctor visits and Noble Knitters.

I had a visitor in my backyard the other day. Not unusual at all to see such creatures - we have many. But he was fascinating to watch. He perched on that pole for at least 5 minutes - just waiting for something to move. You could almost hear a pin drop out in those woods! "No one" made a peep. He finally swooped down on something and then took off. I'm not exactly sure what hawk he is but possibly a Cooper's Hawk? Orange Boy, Island Girl, anyone, anyone?