Thursday, July 12, 2007

Stringing along...

Our organic string bags are here. Here's a brief history of these bags. I found them, put together an order for several samples, lost the paper for a week, ordered on a Friday, Oprah had some sort of version of these on her show that *same* Friday afternoon... I said to self, you have got to be joking. I know what that means to my order! Same flippin' day. My samples were delayed ... just a bit... but the wait was well worth it.

Each year, here in the USA, it is reported that we throw away more than 100 billion plastic shopping bags. Of course, those bags end up in various places including our oceans and streams which kill our fish, sea turtles, birds and creatures.

These string bags are great for stuffing full of yarn, hanging in a closet, hiding your stash. Or how about trying them at the grocery store. They will hold a considerable amount of weight. And best of all, you're saving a plastic bag from ending up somewhere it shouldn't.

I am knitting away on Cheryl B Design Studio socks. I did end up frogging what I had started and now have them on size 2s. They are coming out nicely and I am thrilled with the yarn. Excellent yarn - vibrant colors. I knit on them last night when I was at Noble Knitters. Yep, we meet at a Barnes and Noble and these ladies are so much fun. Lots of friendship, laughs and knittin'.

3 of the ladies, Pat, Ellen and Diana are working on the Mystery Shawl. It was quite comical to hear them chatting about it and some of the challenges a couple have had.I saw all 3 of their in progress shawls and they all look great!

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Diana said...

Comical? Speak for yourself!

Website looks wonderful--you see I had to go there to look at that handspun...and what about that Aurora Lace? oh my....