Sunday, July 22, 2007

Hiya!! Lily Purl here. I'm so jazzed to join the Yarn Grove girls' blog.

As you know, I just love socks- I AM the sock walker! There's nothing more comforting than cozy toes, and nothing more fun than colorful, hand knit socks. During the summer, when flip flops reign, most socks are tucked in the back of drawers to await the first chilly day of fall. That's why I was so jazzed to find this pattern for footie socks- the best socks for summer! I found some summery teal yarn from a gal on Etsy, and got clicking right away! I'm going to spend a lovely Sunday afternoon in my favorite recliner just knitting away. I may even indulge in a iced chai tea with cinnamon...

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