Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Countdown is on...

Yessirreee... for those who celebrate Christmas or give gifts to people at the holiday, it is a mere 5 months from today. I would highly recommend getting those needles and hooks clickin' away. I have several items made up and hope ya'll are well on your way as well...

I just finished a hat made from
Miss Hawklet handspun yarn. She gets the majority of her wool from a rescue farm, handdyes and spins it herself. This particular hat was made from approx. 70 yards of handspun, knit on 11's, including the giganzo pompon I made for it. I cast on 70 stitches so which will fit a large head... We have several handspun artists in our shop, all gawgeous. Even some with little "skull" beads. Some come with a free pattern. Quick and easy...

As I dumped the end of the coffee from my bowling ball sized coffee container, I thought about ways to recycle this huge honking piece of plastic. I don't always purchase my coffee this way ... unless it is on sale! So with that said, here are a few suggestions:

  • Yarn container. Hold your large ball of yarn and punch a hole in the lid to feed through your end. Could actually and easily hold more than one ball.

  • Make your own hand wipes/baby wipes/or bug repellent towels. No, this is not an original but comes to me from years ago from my ever frugal and fabulous friend, Paula.

  • Stand on, squish it and recycle it.

    • Recipe for wipes:

    1 roll Bounty paper towels. Remove core, cut in 1/2 (careful with that sharp knife) I used smaller sized rolls, not jumbo.

    3 cups water

    1 Tablespoon baby oil

    1 tablespoon hand / baby lotion (or perhaps baby wash)

    Mix liquids together(nothing chemical reactive, okay?), put your *new* 1/2 roll in container of your choice(recycle something please) and pour over 1/2 of towels. Thread towels from center of roll. Very easy.

    For Bug repellent I used Avon Skin-so-Soft instead of hand lotion and baby oil. Whenever we went to the beach, always took a "jug" of my handmade bug wipes with me! (rolling credits: Paula too. I can pretend for one minute I thought of this but guilt just overtook me...)

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    busyJ said...

    Love the hat and really love the idea of making your own wet wipes. I would never have thought of that.
    I need to order my August Tofutsie yarn. Just need to remember to bring the checkbook/card out here to the office so I can do it.
    Have a great day.