Friday, July 27, 2007

I wind yarn ... and talk to it too!

I do wind yarn and I do talk to yarn - sometimes not so nicely but now ... A first class, big honking ball winder from Strauch. After my husband spent too many nights watching me wind customers yarns on my itty bitty ball winder, with frequent frustration and lots of *talking to the yarn* he said I must have a new one. And did I disagree? Oh heavens no. All I did was research the one I wanted. I decided on the Strauch for several reasons. See below...

Text below taken directly from
Strauch Fiber Company.

  • Our products are "Proudly Made in the USA." As part of our company mission, Strauch Fiber Equipment Co. is dedicated to promoting American made products. All the components we use to manufacture our products are made in the USA. We even pay extra for wood certified to come from U.S. forests.

  • We Reduce waste, Reuse, and Recycle. Over 90% of our packing paper and foam peanuts are given to us by local retailers who would rather not feed the landfill. The minimal amount of wood scrap that we generate is used to heat our workshop. We compost the sawdust and wood shavings are used as animal bedding. (end)
  • Oh, and by the way, I got it at Copper Moose. Excellent service and super fast. Ordered on Sunday - here on Tuesday.

    So my friends, anyone need any yarn wound? It is a free service here at The Yarn Grove. If you want your yarn wound into a cake, just let me know in the comments section... Now I will talk to yarn nicely ...


    Anne from P'tree Corners said...

    That is a very impressive ball winder! (and Husband)

    I put my 10 year old to work winding my yarn. For somereason, he enjoys midlessly turning the handle on my small Japanse ball winder.

    What kind of swift do you use?

    Jane said...

    The swift I have is an umbrella metal one from Japan and I love it. I used to be a *human swift* for my mom years ago. What a nice boy to help you like that!

    Roxanne said...

    When it comes to the right tools for handling yarn, men do seem to get it! Enjoy the new ball winder...anything that decreases talking to the yarn is totally called for!