Monday, June 18, 2007

An Ode to Spottie Dottie

As some of you already know, I'm the proud Mom of two rescue pets- Mona and Spottie Dottie. Mona is a one eyed wonder, infamous for "helping" with knitting projects...especially when you're not looking. Spottie is a hyperactive, mischief prone mutt who eats anything.

When I found poor Spottie, she was half starved, weighing only 34 lbs. She had a horrible scar around her neck from where her former owners has tied her up. Well, 2 years of love and adoration have put a smile on her face and 21lbs on her torso. 21lbs! SHAMEFUL!!!!

Chris and I had a heart to heart with the vet, who says Spot should weigh 47 lbs, and she said no more table scraps PERIOD. Well, we weren't feeding her that much, were we? When we steped back and looked at it, a cheezit here, a lick of peanutbutter there...well, it does add up doesn't it? And even though we walked her at least a mile everyday without fail, it wasn't enough to burn all the extra calories.

So for the last 4 months, we've cut out table scraps entirely, switched to a more quality kibble, and changed up her walks to include swimming in the creek, and she's lost a pound a month. Today she weighed in at 50 lbs! She gets to pick out a new toy from Petsmart this weekend!

Good job Spottie, and good job Chris for pioneering the Spottie Dottie Weight Loss Plan!


Octopus Knits said...

My cats try to "help" with the knitting like that sometimes! Good for you and Spottie Dottie -- she is one healthy dog!

Jane said...

My my Spottie Dottie, you are looking quite svelte! And Mona,she has quite the evil look on her face? I know she loves to help mommy knit!

Debby said...

Congratulation Spottie Dottie on your weight loss. I should take some tips from you on losing weight.