Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I'm Back ... Whew

Wow, what a great trip to TNNA (The National Needlearts Assoc). I got there Friday evening and it was no easy trek. I flew from Atlanta to Detroit and my 45 minutes layover turned into 5hours. But that was by choice. My connecting flight was late and grossly overbooked. So they asked for volunteer *bumps*. I looked at Debby and our eyes said it all. Hell yeah! A $300 voucher to anywhere they fly. Buh bye.

While waiting on our next flight to Columbus, I became fast friends with a group of 5 ladies from the National Women's Bowling league who had been traveling to tournaments. Let me give Imo, Judy and the rest a big shout out! We had supper with 2 of them. They took the bump also - so their 5 quickly became 7 when you added Debby and I. Lovely ladies and much continued success on your team(s).

On to Columbus and the show. I don't know where to begin. I met so many nice yarn shop owners so a big hello to Carla, Jenny, Suzanne, Ethel, Carmen, Jill. If you don't see the pattern by now, I talk to everyone.

Saturday was spent browsing and seeing all my vendor friends and filling my brain with ideas. Of course, Darlene Hayes of Hand Jive Knits was one of the first to get big squeezes from me. She is so fantastic and we go way back. She was The Yarn Grove's first vendor and I count her as a dear friend. We chatted for a long while. As I rounded the corner from there, I heard ... The Yarn Grove? where? and I turn around and there is Crissy Gardiner of Gardiner Yarn Works. What a doll! I so enjoyed the short time I spent with her and The Yarn Grove will be getting her 3 *new* sock patterns in very soon. She is a delight. Cookie A was a surprise because I did not know she was going to be there and she is so fun. Just like her patterns!

And a huge greeting from Micheline of Louet who I missed meeting last year. I was talking to Leslie, my Louet rep, and I heard The Yarn Grove? where? again and it was Micheline. She is a delight! I gave her big hugs too...

Book signings galore - this year you had to get a ticket from the publisher to get a chance to get a book signed. Last year in Indianapolis, it was chaos and the lines of people to get free books signed by the designer/authors was tremendous and blocked lots of other vendors who quickly got annoyed (rightfully so). Much smoother this year ... As I stood in one line I saw a young lady walking to me and I instantly knew it was the ever fabulous knit designer, Amy Polcyn . I quickly shouted to her and got a chance to say hello a couple of times . She designs a lot of gorgeous items for SWTC and others ...

Sat. night spent in my room, feet up, making up the shopping list for the next day. Hmmm, this is interesting... hmmm, this is gorgeous.... Yum, just what we were looking for! All I can say is stay tuned because we have new needles, yarns, and accessories on their way from now through September. September? yes... some very special, one of a kind yarns will be here in September.

One line I picked up was Regia. You all know what a fan I am of Kaffe Fassett fabrics and now.... a line of sock yarn in his glorious colors! Look for those in mid July. I could not resist and you will be glad I didn't.

And there is more... We got a lace yarn that I am *so* excited about. It is exactly what I was looking for. I did not find this until Sunday and bought it on the spot. It should be here within 2 weeks. It will also include handpaints. And new patterns.

I also met Lucy Neatby who is too cool, Amy Singer, Annie Modesitt and Drew Emborsky (one of the books I got because I was walking by and there was no one there so I chatted it up with them), Jane Sowerby and more. My brain just left me...

Can you tell I am excited? It was a very productive trip. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I knew a lot more than I did last year. Not only that but when I got home ... more yarn and more emails about yarn and accessories that are on their way that I ordered before TNNA. We should have the new Duet Skinny yarn in here by Friday and more decadent colorways of her Duet yarn you all love so much.

I leave you with Kidknits Sunflower hat that I finished on the way to Detroit. Bye for now, my friends!


Anonymous said...

That hat is too cute, Mom!

Jennie said...

Wow, sooo many interesting people. :) And the hat is super cute too!

busyJ said...

Sounds like you had a marvelous whirlwind weekend.
Can't wait to see the new yarns.
The bamboo socks are almost finished. When they are I will send a pic of them for you FOG