Monday, June 18, 2007

Everything has a Purpose...

I give you the Luna Moth. Yes, I am procrastinating. Yep, I have some tweaking left on our new website but am taking a break. Not much knitting to report except that my Fingerless Gloves are coming along nicely.

Before we moved into our home in Peachtree Corners over 2 years ago, I had never seen, in *real life* a Luna Moth. We came home from supper one night and lo and behold there was one on the front door. It was the coolest looking moth I had ever seen. It seemed as though it was looking at me... This one, pictured here, with a wingspan of approx. 4.5", was on my kitchen window about 2 weeks ago - early one morning before dawn.

Some facts about the Luna Moth:
. Adult lunas have no mouths. They eat nothing.
. Their only purpose is to mate (and look beautiful I might add)
. They live a short life - about one week.
. Their hindwings have *eyespots* and long tails
. The Female luna lays around 200 eggs on the underside of leaves, 4-7 at a time.
. They are a rare find - only around in some parts in late spring.

. I feel privileged to have seen this fella x 2.

That's the end of the lesson for today, folks. I have several boxes of new goods that arrived today and I am so anxious to show them to you. But alas, I cannot. You see, that would be double work. All new goods now arriving will only show up on one place - The Yarn Grove's new website ... Tune in soon... And until then, happy knitting!

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