Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Happy Birthday to Jane!!!

That's right everyone... it's that time of year again. It's time to celebrate the birth of our favorite Yarn Pusher - Jane. This is Jane's son, Chris, coming at you live from Huntsville, Alabama. I've taken over my wife Cheryl's account to wish my mom a happy birthday. I may be jumping the gun a little (it's only 10:45pm Central Time), but I wanted this post up before Midnight on Mom's Birthday. I won't tell you exactly how old Jane is today (that remains a deep, dark family secret). Let's just say Jane is old enough to barely remember what she did in the 70's.

My mom is one of the greatest people to ever grace this Earth with her presence. Since my sis Stephanie and I were kids, my mom raised us to do the best we can with what is given to us. Mom taught us to be humble, fun-loving, friendly, and respectful to all those we meet. If it weren't for my Mom and her boundless love, I shudder to think where I might be today. One of the greatest gifts my Mom ever gave to my sister and I was a respect for all of the creatures that reside on "our" planet. Between Mom, Steph, Cheryl and I we have probably saved too many animal lives to count. I'm sure all of you have read about the lives of Charlie, Lucy and young Junior. Those are only 3 of the countless animal lives my Mom has helped save. She has truly been a steward for all animals big and small.

I'm rambling now. Simply stated - today is Mom's birthday and her family loves her. I must go to bed so I can call Mom first thing in the morning. Make sure to leave Jane some birthday love on the blog here... and buy some yarn while you're at it. It's her birthday for crying out loud.

Love you Mom.


p.s. Cheryl says you're the best mother-in-law a girl could ask for (what a suck up).


busyJ said...

What a lovely testament of a son's love for his wonderful mother. Who needs anything else after that!!
Happy birthday, Jane. Have a wonderful day and I willa be buying more yarn soon.
I am going to Columbus to the Knitters Connection tomorrow and I am so excited I just about can't stand myself. LOL


Janice in GA said...

Happy birthday, Jane!

Nancy said...

Happy Birthday Jane!

Jennie said...

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANE! Hope you have a fantastic one and many more super ones to come! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mom...everything Broee said is true!!!

i love you!


Kathryn said...

Happy Birthday Jane. I hope you had a wonderful day. :)

Lone Knitter said...

Happy birthday, Jane!

Octopus Knits said...

Happy birthday, Jane!

Cris said...

Happy birthday, Jane!