Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Craft Swap

My very very very favorite clothing company, Free People, hosted a craft swap for all of its blog readers. The theme was "world travel," and I made this rugby inspired scarf for my partner, Monika. I dyed the wool with natural dyestuffs, and lined the scarf in green velvet. Monika sent me a goody bag of french candies, soaps and candles, AND a CD of French music. So fun!


Octopus Knits said...

What a lovely scarf!

Jane said...

Wow,the scarf looks great!

Ann K. said...

That scarf is impressive! I love the pattern and the color work. :)
I'm kinda happy I didn't see this exchange as I've joined WAY too many this Spring and would have likely jumped on board! LOL! It's been a little overwhelming. A few more weeks and the majority of them will be over. LOL!
Happy Knitting!