Monday, February 12, 2007

A Little of This, A Little of That

I love books. I love all kinds of books. I must own 1500 books or more. Right now I am into knitting books. Just bought Barbara Walker's first and second treasury of stitches. Should have bought them sooner. There are so many different patterns that I could knit for years and not use them all.

I am also interested in books about William Bartram. He lived in the mid to late 1700's. William traveled all over the eastern coast of the United States, gathering plants, flowers and seeds to send to England for them to grow. Now this probably sounds boring but his books are published in his own words and it is interesting to see how one person's view of the happenings of the day differ from what our history books teach us. His writings on the American Indian are incredible and provide a great insight into the real American Indian. Not savages, but intelligent, gentle people who loved this land. I find his books to be spiritual in nature with a unique understanding of people. Well, enough about my hero, William Bartram.

Exciting things are going on at The Yarn Grove. We have new books which I can't wait to own. Lace Style with 21 inspired designs to get you going on lace knitting, Favorite Socks Book, with 25 patterns in a great spiral book that lays flat....and No Sheep For You by Amy Singer. A book of patterns for bamboo, cotton, silk, hemp and more but no wool.

Also, our Duet Yarns are on the way to The Yarn Grove. The colorways will have you wanting every one of them. Superwash merino dk weight, 350 yards which includes coordinating heel and toe yarn. Basic after-thought heel sock pattern included with purchase. Most colorways will not be repeated exactly so you will have a very unique pair of socks. I can't wait to make a pair and use my new sock blockers made by Holly at Check out our sock blocker keychains that come with a pattern to make a tiny sock to fit on the sock blocker, socks for all seasons.

That is enough of my babbling for today. I am off to knit some ufo's so I can be ready to knit socks when the Duet yarns arrive

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