Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Just me

This week seems like 2 weeks long and it is only Wednesday. Monday, I thought my 9 year old granddaughter, Halley has spinal meningitis. Monday was 1 week long and then we were in the clear for spinal meningitis but she was still in the hospital. Today is Wednesday and she is better and going home. What did she have? A headache and a high fever. So much for modern medicine...some things have no explanation...but we are one happy family here to have a well Halley back with us.

Now on to the yarn. We have Duet Sock Yarns at The Yarn Grove. This yarn is beautiful and fun. It comes with 2 yarns, one for the body of the sock and a contrasting color for the heel and toes. "Basic after-thought heel" sock pattern included with purchase. There are no dye lots and some colorways will never be reproduced the same way again, so if you see a color you like, grab it as it may never be again. This makes for great original socks that won't show up on half the knitters in your group.

Now on to the odd stuff. Odd stuff you say? Yes, when I really zone out for relaxation I make strange little things. Some pictures have been added below, below because I did not want to run anybody off by thinking this was a voodoo site. My 2 point protectors are my favorite. My grandchildren say they are scary. what do you think? Then there is my tiny yarn angel who has a special hat made from Lorna's Laces Layette. The two little bowls are what I use to count rows. (I made the little bowls with clay, such artistic abilities there) When I finish a row I put a bead in the red bowl...don't have to write anything down, or fool with a bracelet or any other contraption. These ideas come straight from my strange brain but it is fun to go away for awhile and just see what is created. How do you count rows? Any special method we might all want to know about? OK, lurkers, I know you are there because I have actually spoke with some of you and know you are live people lurking on my blog...take a chance, post, no one will laugh or put your comments on the nightly news. It's just friends here.

If you would like a discount at The Yarn Grove, go to Knitters Review forum and find our ad. This is the last day for the ad until March 1 so do take advantage of the discount code. We have other ads around the net with special discounts so be on the look out for us. The yarn pictured in the ad is Reno by J Knits. Gorgeous, huh

Signing off until next time....which Jane says is way to few times....she is the writer, I am the talker. What can I say

PS: I added a picture of a sock I am making with Lorna's Laces Layette. Thought there ought to be a picture of something I am knitting


Nancy said...

Someone gave me a chain of beads with hoops in between each set of beads. So it acts like a stitch marker but evertime you pass it you move down one hoop. It works best for pattern repeats. Like a six row repeat or what have you.

Honestly though I usually use hash marks on a piece of paper!

Glad Halley's feeling better!

Betsy said...

Yes, tell the grandkids the 2 point protectors are scary LOL. Since I'm one of the lurkers,(a family lurker at that) :) I need to get back to looking. :-)

Debby said...

Nancy, I am going to try the bracelet thing. Have you ever had so many hash marks on a piece of paper that you forget which one is your current project?

Betsy, So glad you came out of "Lurkdum". See, we are friendly people here

Anni said...

scary point protectors. LOL. Love the socks and the yarn angel. didnt realise your grand daughter had been ill. Hope shes better now. My friend's son had meningitis when he was a toddler so I know how scary it can be. All the best.