Wednesday, February 14, 2007

8 minutes to spare ...

Happy Valentine's Day to all! And my Valentine's gift 26 years ago today was my bouncing baby boy, Christopher. Who only likes to be called Chris. Yep, he was born at 11:52pm on 2/14 and there were bets with the nurses and my doc as to whether I could do it or not. At 11:15pm, as they were standing around munching on cheese crackers that was so very annoying to me , one nurse said, ... no way ... and I glared at her and said very loudly (or maybe even screaming since I had no epidural), WATCH ME. And watch me they did.

As he grew up, he loved to tell all the girls he was a sweetheart because he was born on Valentine's Day. They all loved him. What a wonderful young man he has grown up to be. Happy Birthday my boy... Oh yeah, and he was born with the Clemson University Football Helmet and jersey on too. He bleeds orange! The second picture is he and his wife, Cheryl on campus.

On a knitting note, my girlfriend, Paula, sent me a pair of socks she had knitted with Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Gold Hill colorway which has been a hot hot seller for us. Scrumptous. Although the story is long, she sent them to me to take pictures because everytime she tried to load up to our FOG, she had everything ELSE in the picture except the socks. So she said a few choice words and decided to mail them to me to take my own pictures. Well, I wonder if she will miss them???

Kiss your sweethearts today and don't forget those 4-legged ones too!

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