Friday, October 05, 2007

My name is Mulley and I am obese...

You can skip this part if you don't want to read about my obese cat and scroll down to my contest ...

Mulley - short for Mulligan (second chance) aka Wooley Bully aka Tubby Lard A*s (in a sweet tone). This cat is large and in charge let me tell you. Mulley was/is my mom's cat but came to live with us a few years ago when my mom was traveling a lot. Poor kitty was alone for 10 days at a time and he is a real people cat.

Mulley *loves* people. Well my mom is visiting her sister in Annapolis for a few weeks and this cat is experiencing eating issues, I swear. A week ago, I thought Big Girl aka Lucy (our very old black lab) was crawling up the stairs and helping herself to Mulley's food bowl. Not the case. I knew Mulley was not voluntarily giving 'anyone' else his food.

Now this cat is enormous. Any day of the week, any time of the year, he is obese. He has been on prescription diet food from the vet - to no avail. He is just a big cat. He tops the scales at a current fighting weight of 22+ pounds. He seeks me out and tells me when the food bowl is empty and I tell him there is no way he ate that food by himself. If I do not fill his bowl immediately, he claws up the door jambs. No - I mean he destroys them. But he is who he is and we love him just the same. The vet has a chart in the exam room to find your pet's current weight. It starts out as too thin and goes up to obese. Yep, my cat is obese but he is a sweetheart. To put him in his carrier to take him for his vet checkups, I have to stand the carrier on its end and stuff him in it. At the vet the asst. cannot get him out so they take the cover off.

Contest Guess the new line of yarn due to arrive within the week. You could win a skein of the new yarn. Hint: I have talked about it before. I ordered gobs of it and it was ordered at the TNNA show we went to in June. It is finally ready. All correct guesses go into the bowl and one winner will be drawn by an independent third party. Contest begins today and ends Monday night (10/8/07) at 11:59pm(est).

Leave a comment or email me. Employees of The Yarn Grove are not eligible for the prize.


marlene said...

I guess Shibui.

monica said...

My grandmother had a 27 lb cat. He looked much longer than you cat though.
Wishing I had found you r blog earlier :)