Wednesday, October 10, 2007

and the answer is... Pagewood Farm!

Yep, Pagewood Farms is here and the winner that was drawn by an independent third party (hubby) is.... Tara of VA. She is blogless but a frequent reader of The Yarn Grove Antics. I had 27 correct guesses and about triple that for other yarn guesses. Thanks to all who played and keeping my email overflowing. That was fun. As I said earlier, I *love* to give stuff away.

This Pagewood Farm yarn is even lovelier than I remember. I had not laid eyes on it since the first week of June when I was at TNNA. It was a long time coming but it's here and more will be on the way soon. This yarn is a tight twist, generous yardage at 450 yards and perfect for socks or lace work.

Speaking of lacework - just in for refill - Aurora Whisper 100% Merino hand dyed lace. Gorgeous.

Busy day and since I have to sit a while today with a friend, I'm taking knitting... Hope your day finds time for something fun for you too...

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