Monday, October 29, 2007

Lace ... yummy Lace

I have not ventured too far into the lace world yet but it is slowly grasping my attention. Since we are carrying Aurora Yarns Hand painted Merino, it has really sparked my interest. Also it doesn't help that my darling enabling friends at Noble Knitters, namely, Diana, Nancy, Pat and Ellen, to name a few, are knitting some dynamite things. I am in awe of their pieces. I'm not exactly sure which of these went to SAFF (Southeastern Animal Fiber Festival) this past weekend in Asheville NC but I know Nancy and Diana did and I cannot wait to see their loot. Next year - no one is going without me!

Here I show you a delightful, delicate lace scarf my darling friend, Paula, knit for me. Paula had called me to ask if there was anything else she could help me do to get ready for our show this week and I gladly said yes. I had started a toe up sock with
J. Knits Palm Springs sock yarn and had put it aside. So I sent Paula the following:

Evelyn A. Clark's Oak Leaf & Acorn Scarf Pattern from Fiber Trends
The entire beginning of my toe up socks, dpns included with an adorable stitch marker.

Above is a photo of what arrived in my mail Saturday. This scrumptous, lace scarf! I love it! I am blocking it right now (I put the white paper under it so you could see the design) and my poor blocking board is only so big so this is Day 2 of blocking. But I will have it done before Thursday. Thank you my friend! I will gladly pay you on Tuesday for the scarf today (you know what I mean hehehe).

Applesauce started and finished Saturday. Put up 17 pints, all chunky this year- with just a small interruption. Here's the scene: I am up to my elbows in apples and applesauce.

Peeling, dicing, cooking - phone rings. It is noon.

Hi Mom! How are you? What's for lunch?
me: Hi honey! lunch? what? Where are you?
Son: I am just on I-285 in Marietta on my way to Savannah for a conference. Want to do lunch? I have my boss, Rebecca with me too.
me: Ummm, sure, of course I want to see you. Where do you want to meet? No need to come by the house.
Son: Yea, we'll just stop by. I want her to meet you, John and Mimi(my mom).
me: (voice escalates) Ummm, house is a disaster. Apples and applesauce everywhere. Never mind the fact that I am packing The Yarn Grove for Marketplace. Christopher, there is a difference between a mess and a disaster. This is the latter. There are boxes, bags, apples everywhere. Besides Mimi just hung all her freshly laundered bras all over the kitchen, ceiling fans - it's a dangerous situation.
Son: (laughing). Ah Mom, Rebecca is gonna love you guys.

Ya gotta love him. They came, they saw, they laughed, they left. I also told her she wouldn't recognize me next time without all the apples on my face, hair, glasses, and shoes. Yep, all over my shoes. But we had a nice visit and a quick lunch at the local deli. I did smell delicious though.


Right Out Loud said...

Yumm! I LOVE homemade applesauce. And sadly, haven't had any since leaving Minnesota.

Judy said...

Aren't sons just the most wonderful thing in the world? Right up there with daughters. (I have one of each so can't leave either out. LOL)
The lace scarf is lovely. I am slowly trudging through MS3. I am still on clue one. I am sooooo slow....

Cheryl said...

You know broee, he's always full of...ssss-urprises...yes surprises. ;)