Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A *two- piece* dress and some socks

I'm done with the little O~Wool(tm) Balance dress I knit from the Monica pattern at Knitty.com . In its current state of affairs, it is a *two-piece* dress. I have not sewn the front and back together but will soon. The socks in the photo are still the Neopolitan flavor from Woolley Boulley yarns that we have on order for you. Well, not just for *you* per se, me too! I love this yarn... Not sure when it will arrive but will certainly let ya'll know... Ya gotta try it...

I cast on a new project last night. It is the Motorcycle Chica Gloves from IK Summer issue. I am doing mine in Nature's Palette Hydrangea. So far, looking good... Now all I need is a motorcycle. Oh yeah, I could just see me on one, flapping in the breeze. Of course, I'd love a Harley. Maybe an orange one for Clemson University of course. Hmmm, I hope my hubb is reading this. He probably wouldn't go for the orange but maybe ? I've already got my helmet designed in my head. Hell, what am I saying? When I was growing up, my parents only gave me one roller skate for fear of major injury.

Here's an admission. I cannot ride a bicycle that has gears on it. I have an old Schwinn - with the basket on the front and a bell, of course so I can *honk* everyone out of my way. When my hubb and I were dating, he bought me a "mountain bike" for Christmas one year. It was a fan-dam-ulous shiny bike but I couldn't ride it. Never could figure out the gears. Now I know what you're thinkin' - I learned to drive on a 3-speed (yes 3-speed) car and have almost always driven stick shift vehicles. But on a gear bicycle, my feet just spin and spin. ( How did I go off on this subject? must be my sinuses...)

Back to IK - Summer issue - great stuff in it. Should be on your local newsstand now. I love knitting gloves. Probably the most fun ones I have knit to date are the Breakfast at Cafe' du Monde gloves from Hand Jive Knits. Great gloves... Of course I know where you can buy the pattern ... hehehe ... at The Yarn Grove !


Cheryl said...

If you get a motorcycle, it needs to be pink. Oh the mental image...its almost too much for my weak heart!!

Lone Knitter said...

Hey, there. The socks are looking great. :) I love the pattern that you're knitting for the leg.