Tuesday, May 29, 2007

3 Peas in a Pod

I just finished the Peas in a Pod hat by KidKnits which we have available in kit form. Fun, fast not to mention adorable. This is the second hat I have knit from KidKnits and I really like them. I am now working on number 3.

No, I am not nesting... merely making samples for Marketplace in the fall. So at the rate I am going I think I'll get them all done. Made with Peaches N Creme yarn, it is so soft and also offered in 2 sizes. This is the toddler size.

Now let's talk about peas for a minute. I love vegetables of almost any variety ... except peas. I dislike them so much that I was never able to feed them to my 2 babies. Green beans, lima beans, black beans, red beans, pink beans, etc. love them all... except green peas. I do not know to this day whether my kids have ever tasted them on their own. I have not asked. Weird, I know.

When I was 3 months old, my momma called my Aunt Ruby (who was a ob/gyn/pediatric nurse) and told her that I was spitting out green peas (no -not pea soup like a particular movie ) . My Aunt Ruby told her that was impossible - babies don't have taste buds.

Just curious, is there a food that you absolutely detest... by that I mean ... like me, can't even look at? I would love to hear from you if so. Leave a comment or drop me a line.


KarenS said...

I have a serious problem with cantaloupe-can't look at it and especially can't stand the smell :(

I love grean peas, though :)

nanatoo said...

Babies have loads MORE tastebuds than us, we lose them all of the time. That's why children find some food so yucky, they taste it stronger than us :D

busyJ said...

Can't stand to handle or look at liver and my DH loves the stuff!


Debby said...

Jane, your DH hates peas too. A perfect match.

Also, are you sure it wasn't pea soup you were spitting out .. hehehe

I can't stand Liver, can't stand to look at it or touch it. YUCK