Friday, May 25, 2007

M R Ducks!

My daughter has babies! 12 to be exact. There is a little pond outside her condo porch and all of a sudden last week, 12 ducks showed up. She could not figure out where they came from although there are 2 mallard ducks who reside there. Maybe they were their babies? Regardless, everytime for a week, she stepped foot outside, they came quacking up to her. Precious little things. Well, Wed. night she was feeding them, and a voice from afar said to her, "are you feeding my ducks?". Stephanie said, No, sir, I'm feeding *my* ducks. He said, those are mine and I'm going tell you the story...

He found these 13 (now 12) itty bitties behind a bank in a pond and their momma had been killed. He piled all of them in a box, brought them to his condo bathtub, raised them until they were strong enough to go to the pond. That's how they got there. He told her they are Muscovy Ducks. The one little fella fell in the mud and is covered in it! Too cute.

It reminds me of an old joke - years ago - that circulated in my office. I only remember a little of it - it's a southern *twang* joke... Sorta went like this...

M aren't ducks

M R 2

M R not



M R Ducks ! (it was funnier back when and probably would be if I could remember the whole *thang*)

Off the needles! A new indie dyer, Cheryl B - of Cheryl B Design Studios . Cheryl sent me a very large skein of hand dyed Louet sock yarn. Gorgeous stuff ... and here is the pair of socks I just finished. Yum ... She is one talented fiber artist ...


Cheryl said...

Awww sissy! Your babies are so cute! We have skunk babies in our bushes, but we just admire from afar...

Janice in GA said...

I know it more like this:

A B, C D ducks.
L, M N O ducks.
O S A R 2!
C D wangs?
L, I B!
M R ducks!


Janice in GA said...

Oh, I remembered another one!

L I B!

The "edbd wangs" is enough to send me into giggles all afternoon.


Debby said...

Thanks Janice, I am still laughing