Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lamb's ears

I find great joy and peace in nature. I wanted to share my Lamb's Ear with you but I only wish you could feel it. It truly feels like a lamb's ear. For those of you who have never felt it, check it out at your local nursery. I brought this plant with me from our old house 2 years ago and it is thriving.
It multiplies, blooms gorgeous purple stalk flowers and the bees love it. But best of all, it stays this way throughout winter. Okay, maybe without the flowers of course, but the ears do well - at least here in Georgia. It is a happy plant.
Yes, I talk to nature. And for the Lamb's Ear, I'm thinking.... if I talk really sweet to it daily ... it just might grow yarn? I mean, I am The Yarn Grove. Comments? Suggestions? No, I have not lost my mind... (kids, no comments please).


Anonymous said...

Mom....talking to plants again??? just promise to call me if they start talking back, okay? The lamb's ear looks really sweet just like you....

I love the logo...it came out great!

I love you!


Debby said...

Oooh, I want some of that. Maybe I can come by and just snip some hehehe. Keep talking to it and let's see how big it gets.

busyJ said...

Gorgeous plant, Jane, just like your yarn. LOL. Hope it grows you some nice soft, fuzzy yarn.