Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Yarn Girls

The cutest yarn girls in the Rocket City if you ask me! This is my beloved knit and crochet club. We meet every Monday to laugh, cry, complain, and...oh yeah, knit.

On the far left, we have Becky. She's only been knitting for a few weeks, but you can see that the "blue blob" is actually beginning to look like a pot holder. We have great expectations for her. Next is Jill, president and knitter extraordinaire. She's working on the lacy edge of a beautiful skirt. Jill is always the first to try something new, and we look to her for advise and ideas. Next, you'll see the lovely and talented Lisa, who is a beginner in knitting, but a master of crochet. She's making cute little slippers. Next, is yours truly. Then, the lovely and talented Kari, who currently is suffering from a little knitter's block. Don't worry, I know she'll pull through. Kari loves trying new stitches, and is a scarf master. Last, but not least, we have Kim, the newest member of the crew. She just found out she's going to be an Auntie, so she's making baby hats like a mad woman. Not pictured is Rachel, our bride to be. She can knit and crochet with the best of them.

Well, this is us! We drink lots of espresso and get into all sorts of trouble. Sounds fun, huh?

Check out this video Jill sent me- super funny for knitters and crocheters.

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Jane said...

What a neat group, Cheryl. Looks like ya'll have a lot of fun!