Thursday, March 29, 2007

Humans- 1, Cats-0

Hah! I finally found a way to keep my yarn safe from the deadly grasp of Mona- wool hunter extraordinaire. One of my knitting students, Anita, made me this ball keeper from an empty tub of ice cream.

Step one- Eat tub of ice cream.
Step two- Pierce small hole in top of tub.
Step three- Insert yarn.

Humans-1, Cats-0!!!!


Claudia Dunitz said...

Okay. THAT is funny. And terribly clever! I'm goig to do it for all my one ball of yarn projects from now on. We don't have cats but do have a terribly nocu shih tzu who has chewed more than one project in his day. I do usually remember to shut the bedroom dor when i go in and out now - but just for good measure...

Larjmarj said...

Oh look at her..she WANTS that yarn! I love the idea and I get to eat ice cream too! That's a bonus.

LA said...

What a clever idea! And she's so cute, like she just knows what she wants is in there and she is thwarted!