Sunday, January 21, 2007

Thrifty Knits!

Chris and I love going thrift store and antique mall shopping on the weekends. Yesterday we spent about 4 hours wandering through aisles of dusty treasures, and made out with some serious deals. I found 5 old magazines from the 60's for $.25 each, and an old knitting magazine for $.10. I also found a supercool vintage crochet dress for $3. I racked up with a Singer Dressmaking Course Book from 1961 for $.25 and ten vintage sewing patterns for less than a quarter a piece. All these items will go in my shop, With A Twist, on Chris bought 3 key pads from old pay phones and made magnets out of the numbers. He's so smart! (and handsome)

I also started a new project I saw on, where you knit strips of grocery bag together to make a reusable bag. Gotta love re-creative projects!


Jane said...

I love the knitted dress! My smart boy ... chip off the old block!

Debby said...

Way to go Cheryl!!