Monday, January 29, 2007

Do I Dare??

Tonight at knitting club, my friend Rachel brought in a vintage crochet magazine (oh how I love vintage magazines) for show and tell. Rachel is a master crocheter, and recently decided to try her hand at knitting...a week after she picked up the sticks she was making socks. Oh yeah, she is good.

As I browsed through the magazine, I started to wonder- What have I been missing?????????? Page after page of funky fun jackets, blankets, hats, dresses and bags. There is a sweater I must have. Seriously, I can not go on if I don't own this sweater. I will cease to exist. I'm afraid I may be "hooked"! Tonight I embark on a new adventure! Tonight I enter the wonderful world of crochet! Wish me luck!

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