Monday, January 15, 2007

Put a Cork in it

Did you ever hear that from anyone? Well, now you CAN put a cork ON it! The Yarn Grove has just received their first shipment of StitchCorkers. Shhwweeetttt! These are corks that you put on the end of your needles to keep your stitches from falling off! Too cool. We have them in 3 different sizes for different sized needles...

Also in, boy have I been busy, bent tip needles, and most fun of all, DOUBLE POINT NEEDLES in 5.5". We have had so many inquiries about these and here they are! Now in stock US sizes 0 - 4.

New Sock Patterns from Chrissy Gardiner of Gardiner Yarn Works. Check them out! A delightful, work at home Mom from Oregon. Great designs. You can never have enough sock patterns, I mean come on...

Missing in Blogville are my 2 Blogging cohorts. My partners in crime, Debby and Cheryl. No clue. If you see them lurking around, would ya send them this way? Hells bells, they are probably sitting around knitting while I have been slaving over these new products ALL DAY (well not ALL day but some of the day. ALL day sounds better than some of the day). Hope they have some goodies to share or talk about!

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