Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Just a few things

I made a hat without a pattern, just started knitting and picture shows what it kinda looks like. When you put it on it looks like one of those scarves that my mother used to fold in half like a triangle and tie around her head. This felted one I made is dorky looking but would stay on in a heavy wind. Two lessons I learned; 1. Don't put in washing machine with a towel; 2. Make sure there is not a piece of paper out of DH pocket in the washing machine. I don't think I can get all the lint off the hat.

Improvising: The picture is a cd holder that goes in the car. It is perfect for holding circular needles and dpns. It is hard to see but there are several elastic slots for cds but circulars fit perfectly. The slots are tight so things don't fall out. I love it!

Look at my new stash. I can't stand it, I am a collector of stuff and right now I am collecting yarn....can't have enough stash. Of course I got it from The Yarn Grove. The two on the left are Lorna's Laces Sport in Uptown and the other is J-Knits Sock Yarn in Kansas. Both are more beautiful than what shows here. Can't wait to finish UFOs and start on those socks.

Well, gotta go get ready for the State of the Union tonight. I'll be watching Keith and Chris on MSNBC

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Jane said...

You're a genius! Love the idea about CD holder. Hat looks cute! Buy more stash. I will hand deliver it :)