Wednesday, April 30, 2008

ASG Creativity Contest

Well, its that time again! I'll be submitting my entry to the American Sewing Guild Contest this Friday. Here is a sneak peak at my entry:

I won't show the whole garment until AFTER the deadline...just in case.

Haven't been knitting at all lately. Just sewing, packing, painting the new house, and trying to survive finals week, Jill leaving, and everything else thats going on. Rebecca is due in 2 weeks so I'm SUPER excited about that. I still haven't finished the curtains for the nursery...I guess I should get crackin!


Jane said...

Whatever it is and made by you, Cheryl, I know it will be fabulous! Good luck...

laurie said...

It looks wonderful from what I can see. Good luck. Are you working on a outfit for ASG pattern day too? I need to work on my outfit for that day. Look forward to meeting you in Chicago. In case you are interested you can view our newsletter on the asg website.
Laurie DeSantis( president- Bend OR chapter)