Friday, April 04, 2008

Some fiber goodness...

I just finished the Toyland quilt for a friend whose daughter is having her first baby. I am hosting a shower for her next Sunday. She is having a boy. Gosh, I haven't hosted a shower of any sorts in years and years so this has been a re-learning experience for me. It will be fun though, I'm sure.

I also decided to cast on for a baby sweater which is called Seamless Yoked Baby Sweater. Donna from my knit group had been working on one and I thought it was the cutest. So I cast on (free pattern) with Louet Gems Fingering Weight, not swatching of course, and I am enjoying it.

Earth day is coming up so stay tuned for a fun promotion about that at The Yarn Grove. Have a great weekend - I know I will. Orange Boy and Cheryl are coming to visit. Yay!

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monica said...

Yay for family visits.
The baby quilt is adorable.