Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

It's Earth day. Sit back and reflect on what you can do to help Mother Earth. One quick and easy way is to stop using plastic throwaway bags. There was an article in the current People Magazine about various bags to use instead of those plastic throwaway and one of them featured was ChicoBag. We are so proud to be a supplier of these great re-useable, multi-purpose bags!

In honor of Earth Day, today The Yarn Grove is giving away a free ChicoBag with every $50.00 purchase. It is a special Earth bag - specifically in honor of Earth Day. This offer is effective through April 22nd.

In other shop news, we just received a huge order from Nature's Palette in Fingering Weight. Darlene has some new colorways such as Tuscan Ocre, Summer Sky and more we are excited to be bringing to you. Back in stock as well are some of your favorites such as Zinfandel, Spring Grass, Orchid and more! And yes, we will be getting her new wool/silk laceweight blend which I have already had the pleasure of knitting with. It is amazing and will be in our shop very soon!

Trivia question: Do you know what year Earth Day first began?


Cheryl said...

Ya'll got HAVE to get one of the Chico bags. I wasn't that excited at first, but they are SO handy. I was working on an embroidery project at knitting club and had supplies scattered everywhere. Lucky for me I had a Chico bag stashed in my purse. I opened it up and piled in my project lickidy split! How convenient.

E.H. said...

I think it was started in the 60's...1969? :)

monica said...

I think it was 1970. I remember learning about it in grade school. I think I was in the 4th grade, and there was a lot of talk about conservation and a nationwide observance.
Happy Earth Day.

Jane said...

1970 is the correct answer!

Jane said...

1970 is the correct answer!