Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Second Hand Home

So, as you may know, Chris and I are moving into our FIRST house in less than a month! (Its tiny but cute...check out the pepto pink bathroom. We will be painting.) This is joyous in many capacities.

First and foremost- we will be OUT of the residence hall.

Secondly, Spottie will have a fenced in back yard, complete with squirrels and birds. She's quite excited.

And lastly, I will have a CRAFT ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (currently I have a craft corner that is so packed that I can't even sit in the chair)

Well, any crafty girl or boy is going to take this golden opportunity to explore some decorating ideas, right? And it just so happens, I'm a crafty AND thrifty girl. SO I've challenged myself to decorate my entire house using only second hand materials. Gasp! I know.

Check out my blog to see my projects. Look for tutorials and patterns as time goes on.

In other news my friend Jana, member of the Castaways knitting club is.....pregnant!!!!! YAY!!!


Jane said...

I do like the pink bathroom and can't wait to see how you decorate it!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE! the pink bathroom...Byron and I had one just that color in our first "nest"... and I added toile fabric for the shower curtain and used vintage pom poms as the detail at the bottom of it with curtains to match! Just "darlin'"!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE!!! The gorgeous cake - wow - I see "entrepenuerism" ahead in your life!!!! Is there anything you can't do!!!
Next time you are home - I want some "face time" over a good bottle of your Momma's wine!!!!!! Smooches,

Your namesake, Cheryl XXOO :)