Monday, March 03, 2008

Flickering Flames... Try saying that a few times!

I decided my next project will be in Malabrigo Laceweight. I chose colorway Dusty Olive which is a very interesting colorway. Dark greens along with deep pinks make for an interesting knit.

I plowed around a little on Ravelry and decided on the scarf - Flickering Flames by Knit and Tonic. I only knit a little last night and really enjoyed the pattern.

I also re-cast on Ribbletts by Monica Knits. I usually don't have 2 projects going at the same time. I am normally (well not *normal*) a one project - finish it - start another project knitter. We'll see how this goes... The Malabrigo Laceweight is so soft and the colorways are gorgeous.

This week brings to Duluth, GA the Sewing Expo. It comes once a year and I always look forward to it since I love to sew and love gadgets. There is also going to be a knitting corner so if you're in the area, stop in at the Gwinnett Civic Center.


monica said...

That Malabrigo is gorgeous. I love the yarn, but I have not tried the lace wt ... yet :-)

Have fun at your sewing expo, that sounds like fun. I have not sewn in ages

Esoteric Knitter said...

What an interesting colorway. It's odd, yet so lovely.

Christy said...

That is so pretty! I think I've put my socks aside to knit lace for the next couple of months. :) I can't wait to get the Malabrigo Lace that I ordered from you!

Anonymous said...

soooooooooooooooo gorgeous in real life -- soooooooooooooo soft -- so hard to grab the yarn and run away with it when everyone is staring at you while you fondle it.