Sunday, March 23, 2008

Free Bird

Inspired by a towel I saw at Anthropologie, I used my Sublime Stitching embroidery kit to make this little bird towel. Now please know, the cage is more like this birdie's home- he likes it in there. He can come and go as he pleases. There will be no caged birdies on my watch. No sir-rey!
Happy Easter by the way! The Easter Bunny came to my house and brought my favorite, Cadbury Eggs, a rather large assortment of Chris's favorite candy. Hmm....suspicious, huh? I made cinnamon buns from scratch for a breakfast treat. We've pretty much been fatties all weekend. BUT we did play tennis that justifies the sweets, right?


monica said...

In my mind, any movement at all justifies the sweets on special occassions. I love Cadbury Eggs too, The caramel ones are my favorite.
Your cloth with the free range bird is cute.

Lily Purl said...

Oh how tweet!