Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wicked Wasabi

I have loved this color, Wicked Wasabi from the get-go and took it from my stash and knit up a beret this week. Love it. Besides being gorgeous, this is worsted weight hand dyed yarn from Cheryl B. Design Collection and it is a dream to knit. I even have a tad left over. The pattern I selected is Woolly Wormhead - Rollin' Beret.

Also OTN (which in my knitting world today stands for Off The Needles) is Ribbletts from Monica Knits. Started it last night at Noble Knitters and since I can't read, knit and talk, frogged it all when I got home. No one's fault but my own so will cast on again for this tonight. Enjoyed it even though I was not reading it correctly!

And the best news of all? Malabrigo Lace is here and waiting its turn on the photo stand. Gorgeous colors, gorgeous yarn. Stay tuned for that later today.

I'm curious. Do you have a "gift drawer" or is every gift you knit for someone thought in advance?


monica said...

Love the color of that wicked wasabi. The beret is so pretty.

Looking forward to seeing you riblitts.

I don't have a drawer per se, but there are a lot of scarves on the top shelf of a closet here...just in case we need a gift for someone in a hurry. And I knit baby socks and stash them just in case. Otherwise, I knit on an as needed basis for gifting.

Anonymous said...

I do have a drawer for knitted gifts that are waiting to be mailed or given. Usually I do have someone in mind when I make something. I usually give everything away and have just started keeping some for myself. It does make me feel a little guilty. But I'm now on my third pair of socks for myself.
Susan in MD (I don't have a blog)

Cheryl said...

Susan, isn't it funny how we spend hours knitting something and feel GUILTY keeping it for ourselves?? Its silly!!