Saturday, March 15, 2008


I've been dying to roll fondant for sometime now, and Rebecca's impending baby shower was the perfect excuse to finally give it a whirl! I found a great website that gave step by step instructions...although nothing can quite prepare you for the experience.
You start with melted marshmallows and 2 lbs of powdered sugar. Oh yes. As soon as you stick your hands (which MUST be greased with copious amounts of crisco) into the mixture, the warm marshmallows stick to your hands like some kind of nuclear sludge. No matter how much you scrape and pull, you can't get it off! I was home alone, and I actually started to panic! It was a horrible feeling. You're only chance to save your hands is to get the powdered sugar incorporated into the marshmallow sludge. After a few minutes it turned into a lovely white dough. Whew!
You have to knead for 8 minutes to get the fondant to the right consistency. It should soft enough to stretch and not crack, but be tough enough to work with.

Then you grease your counter, roll it out and put it on your cake. First you must cover your cake with buttercream frosting, which serves as the glue. Then you must lick the knife. :)

This is my practice cake. The shower is in 3 weeks. I'm very pleased with it if I do say so myself!


Debby said...

Cheryl, the cake looks great. Way to go .. you did a fantastic job.

monica said...

Tjat turned out fantastic, I have never made it either .... someday ... maybe

Jane said...

what a cake! I love the dots all over it. Who gets to eat the sample cake?

Esoteric Knitter said...

Yum! What a fun cake. :)

Octopus Knits said...

The cake looks great! Oh, no... I suppose you had to eat it, since it's just a trial run ; )

Sarah Nopp said...

It looks great!
This springtime weather is inspiring my homely skills. Like planting things and making homemade bread. Yummm