Friday, April 06, 2007

Zero Knitting

Well, zero knitting - not exactly true. I knit a little tonight on 2 different socks. Since my niece is visiting, I haven't had a lot of time and when I have, I've been too pooped! Today was the Georgia Aquarium which was quite cool and quite packed. I actually got claustophobic in one exhibit. I'll set the scenario... dim lights lead into this "tunnel" where there is water and fish on your right, left and above your head. The "tunnel" is approx. 12'-15' wide. Oh yeah, and LOTS of people. As I looked forward, I could only see water... and Fish ... Whew, my chest starting getting tight and beads of sweat were dancing on my forehead. Wow. It reminded me of the time my daughter and I, years ago, went to one of those spook houses called Netherland or Neverland and I had to leave through the first emergency Exit. I did make it through this particular Exhibit but barely... Neat fish though...

We have Balance yarn in from O-wool. Balance is their new line of 50% organic cotton and 50% organic wool. It has an earthy / heathered look and I love it. It will knit up into great lightweight sweaters and also great for baby items. We have more colors coming in that are currently back ordered. Check it out !
Also in, but not up yet is a new color in the Namaste Needle Binders. Hope to get it up this weekend on the website. These needle binders are a great way to organize your needles and a great carryall for a project or two!


Carol said...

Happy Easter! Zero Knitting should top my most used titles, as it seems it doesn't always happen:) I have to link to your store on my blog! You got what us southerners need! wool/cotton blends? yay! I'm so weak too. I'm I "met" you!

Claudia Dunitz said...

Sounds like you're having a ball, but I guess the underwater thing means you don't dive - LOL!