Monday, April 09, 2007

Vintageous Dresses and a Baby Boom

I wouldn't call it a slump. I'm still knitting nightly, I'm just not craving it like I usually do. For me it rotates from knitting to sewing to vintage. Now I'm in a big vintage craze.

For those who don't know, I sell vintage clothes on a website called FashionDig. My shop is With A Twist. (Go on, go take a look- There are several vintage knitting magazines!) I'm re-reading Alligators, Old Mink and New Money by sisters Allison and Melissa Houtte, recanting Allison's adventures in opening a vintage clothing store in Brooklyn. It gets me all jazzed up! My best finds recently include a yellow and blue shift from the 60's with the tags still on, a Halston dress from the 70's, a pink, yellow and blue MOD mini dress from the 60's, and a precious straw hat with flowers from the 50's.

I need to get back with the sticks though. In addition to my friend Angel, who is due in July, Chris's stepsissies had girls (within 24 hours of each other!) last weekend. My Mom called two days ago and said "Guess who's pregnant??" "TARA???" I squeeled! Tara is my cousin. Nope, its my childhood friend Jessica. Mom calls yesterday with more news. Tara is, in fact, pregnant. I knew it!!!!

Thats 5 babies! I'm way behind! I did pick up an adorable Oat Couture pattern from the Yarn Grove for two baby dresses and some Lorna's laces in purple and yellow, so really there's no excuse. I must get clicking!

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Jane said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress. Hmmm, that would look great with my new Vintage knitting bag with the Flower Powers all over it? Or too much of a clash? But you know me, I LOVE Clash!